Is the 2014 Lexus GX 460 reliable?

Is the 2014 Lexus GX 460 reliable?

Is the 2014 Lexus GX 460 reliable?

The Lexus GX 460 has a great reliability score of 4.5 out of five from J.D. Power and Associates, so it should require less maintenance and repairs than most other cars on the road.

How many miles can you get on a Lexus GX 460?

The Lexus GX 460 is specifically well known for how well and how long it can run. As one of the most reliable SUVs on the road, a Lexus GX 460 can drive 250 miles on one 23 gallon tank of gas. If properly maintained, a Lexus vehicle is known to run well past 200 thousand miles.

How much can a 2014 Lexus GX 460 tow?

Engine: 4.6L V8 – 301 hp at 5,500 rpm and 329 lbs-ft of torque at 3,500 rpm. Towing capacity: 6,500 lbs.

Does Lexus GX460 have a timing belt?

The 2013 Lexus GX460 comes standard with a timing chain in the engine. This is an improvement over a belt because it will not need to be replaced in the life of the vehicle. In general a timing belt needs to be replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. But a timing chain is good for over 300,000 miles on average.

How much is Lexus rx350 in Nigeria?

The price of Lexus RX 350 in Nigeria ranges from ₦5,100,000 to ₦10,700,000.

Which year Lexus GX 460 is best?

Based on value and performance, the 2019 Lexus GX460 is the model year to buy. You only pay about 69% of the original price and get a vehicle with a lot of life left in it. Runners-up include both the 2018 and 2020 model years due to their positive consumer reviews. The 2019 Lexus GX460 is the overall best model year.

How reliable is a Lexus GX 460?

The Lexus GX460 Reliability Rating is 3.5 out of 5.0, which ranks it 5th out of 14 for luxury midsize SUVs. The average annual repair cost is $770 which means it has average ownership costs. While repairs are more common, these issues are less likely to be severe than with other cars.

How much weight can a Lexus GX 460 hold?

Luxury 4dr 4×4 2016 Lexus GX 460 Specs

Torque 329 lb-ft.
Torque rpm 3,500
Payload 1,260 lbs.
Maximum towing capacity 6,500 lbs.

Is GX 460 timing belt or chain?

The GX460 for the year 2012 comes equipped with a hassle free timing chain. We can consider a timing chain hassle free since it can handle a lot of mils without being replaced. You can probably enjoy that timing chain for up to 150,000 miles before it needing to be replaced.

What kind of car is the Lexus GX 460?

Our 2014 Lexus GX 460 trim comparison will help you decide. The Lexus GX 460 gets modern front-end styling for the 2014 model year, but this luxury SUV still has a throwback feel in the way it drives and accommodates passengers.

What kind of car is the 2014 Lexus GX?

With its body-on-frame construction, the GX is one of two traditional SUVs in Lexus’ lineup, the other being the flagship LX 570. Besides its all-new front-end look, there are new clear-lens taillights for 2014.

What kind of engine does a Lexus GX have?

The GX’s sole engine is a 301-horsepower, 4.6-liter V-8 that works with a six-speed automatic transmission, and the engine is tasked with moving about 5,200 pounds of SUV. The GX doesn’t feel underpowered, but it’s wise to plan your high-speed passes so you have plenty of space to make them.