Is the Avid Artist Mix discontinued?

Is the Avid Artist Mix discontinued?

Is the Avid Artist Mix discontinued?

The Avid Venue Profile and Mixrack systems will no longer sold from 31st July 2016 with the end of support on 31st July 2021. So that leaves the Avid Mix as the only current Artist Series product still being sold with Avid ending sales of the Artist Transport earlier this year.

Does Cubase support eucon?

‘ The compatibility of Cubase/Nuendo with the controller software by Avid is ensured by Steinberg EUCON Adapter which is being installed automatically by current Cubase/Nuendo versions. Further information under ‘Steinberg EUCON Adapter versions and installation’.

What is Avid Artist?

The Avid Artist DNxIQ offers a built-in hardware encoder to capture to Avid DNxHR, enabling you to edit 4K files easily and speed up your workflow. It also enables you to see exactly what media is being ingested or sent out of production through the built-in front-panel HD LCD.

Is the Avid S1 worth it?

Overall, the S1 feels like it’s worth the price tag. With this control surface system that Avid has created, the level of interfacing and control is extensive, to say the least, providing exactly what I’d been missing from previous control surfaces.

Is Avid s3 discontinued?

S3L is now being discontinued. Apparently S6L 16C is the replacement, although a bit more expensive.

How do I clean my Avid Artist Mix?


  1. Power off all controllers, components, and modules, and disconnect power.
  2. Make sure the wipe is damp but not dripping wet.
  3. Carefully test in a small area first to ensure the wipe is not overly soaked with solution.
  4. After testing, wipe the surface down and wait at least 4 minutes for it to dry.

How do I connect DAW to Cubase?

How to Set Up a DAW Controller in Cubase

  1. Open the Studio menu and select Studio Setup….
  2. Select the MIDI Port Setup sub-menu and activate your MIDI device’s In and Out ports.
  3. Click the + button (top left) and select the controller identity or protocol for your device.

Does Avid S1 work with logic?

Avid S1 Control Surface Features: Compatible with the free Pro Tools | Control app for iOS and Android. Deep integration with Pro Tools and Media Composer, plus native support for 3rd-party audio and video applications. Also compatible with other DAWs, including Cubase, Logic Pro, Premiere Pro, and more.

Does Avid S1 work with Cubase?

However, Avid have encouraged other DAW-makers to adopt EuCon and, as a result, the S1 works with Logic Pro, Cubase and Nuendo, leaving the notable non-conformists as Ableton Live, REAPER, Studio One and the new kid on the block, UA’s Luna.