Is there a two-way walkie talkie that will go 50 miles range?

Is there a two-way walkie talkie that will go 50 miles range?

Is there a two-way walkie talkie that will go 50 miles range?

Uniden SX507-2CKHS Up to 50 Mile Range Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkies W/Dual Charging Cradle, Waterproof, Floats, 22 Channels, 142 Privacy Codes, NOAA Weather Scan + Alert, Includes 2 Headsets. Learn more about free returns.

Can walkie talkies work from far away?

General Coverage. A good general guide is to expect a business walkie talkie working in simplex operation to have about 1 to 2 KM (1-1.5 Miles) of coverage. We do have a number of customers that do experience further distances, but it’s important to give the standard distance, rather that the optimal distance.

How far will 5 watts transmit?

The 5 watt radio can reach up to 12 miles or more. Some handheld radios have 6 watts which can reach up to 20 miles in the right conditions.

What are the best walkie talkies?

The best walkie-talkie

  • Motorola T600 Talkabout Radios offer a simple but effective design that’s completely waterproof, has an emergency light and is excellent for outdoor activities.
  • Motorola T600 Talkabout.
  • Midland GXT1000VP4 GMRS Two-Way Radio.
  • Retevis H-777 Two-Way Radios (10-Pack)

How far apart can you use walkie talkies?

So realistically, for two people carrying a handheld two-way radio, the maximum communication distance on flat ground with no obstructions is around 4 to 6 miles. So you may be wondering why you see radios that have range claims of 25 miles or higher.

Which is the best walkie talkie in the market?

BEST BASIC Motorola offers a wide range of two-way radios, which are numbered in ascending order to indicate their range. The T100, featured on this list, has a 16-mile range, while this option, the T200 has a 20-mile range. The device has a backlit display that makes it easier to use in dark conditions.

How many miles can you talk on a walkie talkie?

While you’d be hard-pressed to actually achieve 35-mile communication with this MR350TPR Walkie Talkie, you’ll get 20+ in open country on good days and that’s nothing to sneeze at. The practical range within busy city limits is considerably shorter and depends largely on where the communicants are located.

Can a walkie talkie go in the water?

It scores a JIS8 water submersion rating, so it’s completely submersible up to 5 feet. It will also float back to you if you drop it over the side of your boat landing that trophy. This walkie talkie will go anywhere with you -hiking, boating, camping or just for a walk.

What’s the range of a Cobra walkie talkie?

These walkie talkies from Cobra are built to be rugged — they’re IP54-rated, meaning they’re resistant to water and dust. They have rechargeable batteries, and they come with a handy charging dock. These walkie talkies have up to 38 miles of range in the right conditions, and the 2,662 channel combinations make it easy to keep in touch.