Is there going to be another After Earth movie?

Is there going to be another After Earth movie?

Is there going to be another After Earth movie?

After Earth remains Smith’s sole screenwriting credit. Against the projections of his After Earth bible, no sequels or spinoffs are anticipated.

What did Will Smith think of After Earth?

Will Smith has said that he was severely shaken by the failure of his sci-fi blockbuster After Earth, which caused him to completely reassess his career and choice of roles. “A thing got broken in my mind,” he said during a press tour for his new film Focus.

Did Will Smith write After Earth?

Upon release, After Earth was panned by film critics; the film, however, grossed $243.8 million at the box office….

After Earth
Screenplay by Gary Whitta M. Night Shyamalan
Story by Will Smith
Produced by Caleeb Pinkett Jada Pinkett Smith Will Smith James Lassiter M. Night Shyamalan
Starring Jaden Smith Will Smith

How much money did After Earth lose?

Sony insiders put the loss at about $20 million but rivals, not surprisingly, are guessing much higher.

Will There Be A Bad Boys 4?

Currently, a fourth Bad Boys movie is not officially on the way. But Sony had planned to do another sequel, and the latest Bad Boys For Life movie definitely sets the table for another serving of action-packed hijinks.

Are they making I Am Legend 2?

I Am Legend 2 Will Never Happen; Story Details Revealed Even though (Spoiler Alert) both Will Smith and his dog died during the epic climax of I Am Legend, Warner Bros.

Why does Jaden Smith talk weird in After Earth?

Will and Jaden are speaking in kind of polyglot accent. They worked with a dialect coach to come up with an original accent, because the idea of the characters speaking with an American accent or a British accent one thousand years in the future, after you’ve left Earth would seem kind of preposterous.