Is Toma a Yandere?

Is Toma a Yandere?

Is Toma a Yandere?

Toma is very kind but can be overprotective at times. He shows signs of being a Yandere. Due to all the bullying by Ikki’s fangirls, Toma gets increasingly paranoid to the point that he cages the heroine so that she would not get hurt. He deeply cares for her both as an older brother figure and as a lover.

Who is the true route in amnesia?

Ukyo: The representative of Joker World. His route is the secret route, and thus must be unlocked by completing all others. While Shin’s route can be considered the main route, Ukyo’s is the true route, answering some questions that may have gone unanswered in other routes.

How old is Toma amnesia?

Toma is 19 years old and a second year university student. He is a childhood friend of both Heroine and Shin, and acts as an older brother figure to both of them.

Who does the girl in amnesia end up with?

She is the childhood friend of Shin and Toma who asked the two to marry her, but Toma said it’s not possible for both of them to marry her and she had to choose one of them. As a young child, she chose to marry Shin when they got older.

Who is the green haired guy in amnesia?

Matsuki Yukyo
Matsuki Yukyo is a tall and youthful looking man. He has long pale green hair that becomes darker at the ends, and he has green eyes.

Is amnesia worth watching?

It might save you some time as well as brain cells that may be lost when watching this show. Trust me, time is worth saving. It’s not the part related to the story but rather the concept of the entire series. Even behind the scenes, Amnesia is what I see as a title that can easily be forgettable, just like an Amnesia.

Is Ukyo dead amnesia?

Ukyo dies on midnight as his wish of seeing the heroine live through 25th comes true.

How many endings are in amnesia memories?

The game has 16 Bad Endings, and each stage has at least two. The majority, however are in the Joker World.

What kind of personality does Toma have in amnesia?

In his route, Toma has a dark personality that which results in him lying to Heroine about him being her boyfriend after he took her to the hospital. He used it as an advantage to keep her inside of his home, and he kept this from everyone including Shin.

When does toma take heroine home in amnesia?

Heroine faints, and Toma takes her home. August 6th, Heroine wakes finally and finds that Toma has watched over her all night. Once he’s reassured that Heroine is alright, Toma falls asleep at her bedside, and Heroine falls asleep again as well. Heroine wakes later to a worried text from Shin, asking if she is okay.

What kind of shirt does Toma wear in amnesia?

Toma wears a black-and-orange, long-sleeved shirt that is horizontally striped. His left sleeve, however, is completely black and is ragged on the ends. Over this, Toma wears a short-sleeved black jacket with distinctive white lines running across on both sides.

Is there a full path to the good end in Toma?

When reading the walkthrough, do note that not all endings require the same amount of choices. In particular, the full path to the Good End tends to have additional content. Suspicion caps immediately in Toma’s route, and a special fourth parameter appears in its place.