Is unifi TV same as HyppTV?

Is unifi TV same as HyppTV?

Is unifi TV same as HyppTV?

unifi TV (formerly known as HyppTV) is an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service where TV content is delivered digitally through an Internet network. It offers you On Demand services, Interactive applications and broadcast LIVE TV channels. It is offered as part of unifi consumer packages.

Is HyppTV free?


Is unifi TV on demand free?

All eligible unifi TV customers can automatically enjoy this free viewing on all live channels. All eligible unifi TV customers can also enjoy the 50% discount on selected movies on-demand when you select and purchase the titles.

How can I watch unifi TV?

Open Google Play Store and search for “unifi TV” 2. Install the unifi playTV 3. Key-in your unifi playTV ID and password 4. Enjoy watching!

How do I find my Unifi username and password?

Search for “username”. You will find many occurrences but the one you are interested in is yourPPOEusername@unifi. Below this username line, you will see yourPPOEpassword. It will also reveal your DDNS username and password which we usually set up once and forget always.

What is HyppTV login user and PIN?

Re: need username and pin for hyppTV login For pin, default is 123456.

Can I subscribe HyppTV without Unifi?

Can I subscribe to HyppTV without subscribing to UniFi? No. You have to subscribe to UniFi since HyppTV is offered as a triple play offering under UniFi i.e. Internet, Video (for HyppTV), and voice.

How do I open HyppTV on my TV?

Using HyppTV remote to control your TV

  1. Point your TV remote to STB’s remote.
  2. Press and hold “Scan” button for about 2 seconds.
  3. Press the BLUE POWER button and green LED starts blinking.
  4. Press and hold your TV remote POWER button until the green LED of STB’s remote stop blinking.

How do I know my Unifi password?

Right click on the wireless network adaptor and select Status. Click the Wireless Properties button. In the Properties dialog that appears, move to the Security tab. Click the Show characters check box, and the network password will be revealed.

How do I find my HyppTV username and password?

If you forgot the password, there are two recovery options: From Set-Top box Only works if you login with HyppTV ID. Go to Setting page to reset. From App If you login with your mobile number, you can reset the password on Forgot Password button on the login page.

Does Unifi support Netflix?

The access to Netflix service is currently not available.

Who is the owner of HyppTV in Malaysia?

HyppTV is an IPTV service operated by Telekom Malaysia (TM) The service was launched as part of TM’s bundled Triple-play service offering of [VoIP] Telephone, Internet and IPTV called UniFi. This service is now available especially for subscribers with UniFi & Streamyx 4mbps & 8mbps.

What does the HyppTV set top box do?

Additional Functions The HyppTV Set-Top-Box (STB) is a device that connects to a television to deliver the HyppTV service. It converts the signal received into content which is then displayed on the television screen. 01 4 5 02 HyppTV remote control

How to turn on live TV on HyppTV?

Press this button again to resume the VOD programme. screen. • In Live TV mode: Press this button once to 19 OK To confirm anoperation. activate the TSTV mode. Press this button again to play the time shift programme from 20 To mute or unmute the audio.

Can you cancel a 2 year HyppTV contract?

However when I called TM customer service, I was told I can’t cancel HyppTV even if i am no longer bound by the 2 year contract. I was also told even if I downgrade, which means I will need to sign a new 2 year contract with TM for the 100mbps plan which doesn’t come with hypptv, I still can’t cancel my hypptv subscription.