Is Waspinator good or bad?

Is Waspinator good or bad?

Is Waspinator good or bad?

Waspinator is a Predacon and a supporting antagonist in Transformers: Beast Wars and the secondary antagonist in its sequel Transformers: Beast Machines. He is one of the six original Predacons who stole the Golden Disk, and he works for Megatron.

What happened to Waspinator?

Waspinator pulled himself together in time to aid Megatron’s escape, after the Predacon leader badly damaged Optimus Prime. He, Megatron and Inferno headed for the Axalon, but Cheetor and Primal caught up with them, and Waspinator was downed by one shot from Cheetor.

Who was thrust in Beast Machines?

Thrust was one of the first of Megatron’s Vehicon generals to be created, and was the last one to stand against the Maximals. Commander of the Cycle Drones, he is a dark, cold, brooding type, and is absolutely devoted to Megatron’s goals, even though he knows what it means in the end for him.

Is Waspinator female?

For a list of other meanings, see Waspinator (disambiguation). Waspinator is the universe’s whipping boy. If something goes wrong, it happens to him. If something blows up, he’s usually at the epicenter of the explosion.

Where do you hang a Waspinator?

The Waspinator is ideal for keeping wasps away from anywhere you eat and drink outside i.e. place under you table umbrella or take it with you on picnics, camping or caravan trips. It can also be placed in the eaves, in a garage or in the loft to stop wasps nesting.

Is starscream a Waspinator?

Long after his time had passed, Starscream returned to a cybernetic half-life by possessing the body of the smaller robot. In the guise of Waspinator, the Decepticon air commander nearly completed the betrayal of Megatron he had long contemplated.

Is Starscream a Waspinator?

How did Megatron win the Beast Wars?

his aggressions were rebuffed, however, and the Maximals launched a counter-strike. After having secured access to the Predacon ship, the Maximals destroyed Megatron, winning the Beast Wars in the process.

What happened to Rhinox in Beast Machines?

Beast Machines Rhinox used the Key to Vector Sigma to try and destroy the Maximals and Megatron, but his plan failed due to Megatron’s safeguards preventing Tankor attacking him directly and Optimus’ use of the Plasma Energy Chamber, and he sadly died.

Who voiced Waspinator?

Scott McNeilBeast Wars: Transformers
Waspinator/Voiced by
Scott McNeil is the voice of Waspinator in Transformers: Beast Wars, and Kenso Kato is the Japanese voice.

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