Is ZICO chocolate coconut water discontinued?

Is ZICO chocolate coconut water discontinued?

Is ZICO chocolate coconut water discontinued?

Coca-Cola is discontinuing coconut water brand ZICO and reportedly putting several other brands including Diet Coke Feisty Cherry and Coke Life under review, as it slims down its portfolio to focus on top sellers and emerging brands with more global potential.

Does chocolate coconut water taste good?

This chocolate flavor is excellent imho. It’s not horribly sweet – kind of like a dark chocolate drink.

Does ZICO coconut water have added sugar?

ZICO is pure 100% coconut water and 100% hydrating. With NO added sugar and not from concentrate, ZICO is the naturally hydrating beverage of choice for a post workout replenishment, the morning after a night out, or just whenever you feel like having a delicious beverage.

Does ZICO coconut water need to be refrigerated?

We’d recommend refrigerating and using within a few days of opening the package, regardless if you’re consuming or using on your skin and nails.

Why was Zico coconut water discontinued?

The beloved coconut water was sold back to its founder. Zico coconut water was discontinued amid Coca-Cola’s significant product cuts last year, but has now been bought back by its original creator, Mark Rampolla, and his company PowerPlant Ventures, for an undisclosed sum, reports Food Business News.

What is the best tasting coconut water?

We had testers rank their favorites and we averaged the scores to determine the final ranking.

  • FOCO Organic Coconut Water.
  • Goya Pure Coconut Water.
  • Vita Coco Original Coconut Water.
  • C2O Pure Coconut Water.
  • Harmless Harvest Coconut Water.
  • Worst: Taste Nirvana Premium Coconut Water.
  • Worst: Naked Pure Coconut Water.

What is inside coconut water?

Coconut water contains 94% water and very little fat. It should not be confused with coconut milk, which is made by adding water to grated coconut meat. Coconut milk contains about 50% water and is quite high in fat ( 1 ).