Should a period be used after a question mark?

Should a period be used after a question mark?

Should a period be used after a question mark?

In general, you should not use more than one ending punctuation mark (period, question mark, exclamation point) in a row. If you are quoting a question, it should end with a question mark, not a question mark and a period. If an abbreviation, like etc., ends a sentence, you should use only one period.

Can you put a question mark and a comma together?

The question mark at the end of the question serves as the closing punctuation. No additional question mark is needed or should be used. Welcome to the forum! A comma should not follow a question mark in dialogue.

How do you use question mark?

The question mark is used at the end of a direct question. Indirect questions take a period. What is she doing tonight? I wonder what she’s doing tonight.

Does a comma come after a quotation mark?

Do commas and periods go inside or outside quotation marks? Commas and periods always go inside the quotation marks in American English; dashes, colons, and semicolons almost always go outside the quotation marks; question marks and exclamation marks sometimes go inside, sometimes stay outside.

What do 3 question marks mean?

Two question marks indicate a much more questiony question. Three is for really, really, REALLY questiony questions. More than three is a mistake.

What are the rules of question mark?

Question Mark

  • A question mark replaces a period at the end of a sentence when the sentence is a question.
  • Rule #1: You don’t need to use a question mark in conjunction with other ending punctuation, like a period or an exclamation point.

Do periods go inside quotations?

Put commas and periods within quotation marks, except when a parenthetical reference follows. He said, “I may forget your name, but I never forget a face.” Place the punctuation outside the closing quotation marks if the punctuation applies to the whole sentence.

What is a period or question mark?

A question mark is used to aska question. It inidicates an interrogative sentence. A period is used to mark a statement or give a command. It indicates an imperative or declarative sentence. This question marks worksheet gives good practice in choosing between question marks and periods.

Is there a comma before or after a period?

Yes, you should use a period and a comma, but when you also work with semicolons, question marks, and exclamation points, “etc.” can be confusing. Here are a few examples: Put a question mark after the period in “etc.”. Put an exclamation point immediately after the period.

When to use question mark?

A question mark is the symbol used to show that something is a question. It goes on the end of the sentence containing the question. For example, “Would you like an apple?” You will notice the question mark (?) at the end to denote that the statement is a question.

Does period belong inside quotation marks?

Some are included within the quotation marks, if it makes sense, and other are outside of it. The standard rule in American punctuation is that periods go inside quotation marks, as do most commas, even if the punctuation is not part of the quote.