Should I kill the bishop Stick of Truth?

Should I kill the bishop Stick of Truth?

Should I kill the bishop Stick of Truth?

Sparing the Bishop is recommended if the player is trying to achieve the “More Popular than John Lennon” achievement/trophy, as he is the only friend who can die. If the New Kid kills the Bishop however, getting the achievement will be impossible, and The New Kid’s amount of friends will stop at 119.

How do you get to Canada in Stick of Truth?

To get to Canada, go to the Lost Forest (Lost Woods) and keep going UP (NORTH) (4 times upwards).

Where is Quebec in Stick of Truth?

The Catacombs of Quebec is an underground cavern situated in Canada.

Where is the Earl of Winnipeg?

-515 Sterling Lyon Pkwy
Earl of Sandwich® at 7-515 Sterling Lyon Pkwy Winnipeg, MB | Sandwiches, Salads, Wraps.

What happens if you don’t kill the bishop Banff?

If he kills him, he gets his balls to take back to the Prince. If he spares the Bishop, he will get a pair of dire pig testicles and will receive a friend request from the Bishop.

Can you get into Canada fractured but whole?

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Canada is mentioned but cannot be visited, as there is a wall preventing the New Kid from entering, with an unknown-named Canadian sitting on top of it and teasing any American attempting to cross the border.

How do you do the Nagasaki fart?

a. weatherholtz

  1. Hold Right stick down.
  2. Find the frequency with the left stick until the object shakes violently.
  3. Hold both sticks until object explodes.

How do you get Terrance and Phillip to talk to you?

Head down to the docks at the bottom of the town, and ship off to the other docks. Meet up with Terrance and Phillip, then fart on them with dragonshout, followed by cup-a-spell, followed by sneaky squeeker. They will now teach you the Nagasaki, the most powerful fart in the game.

Who is the Canadian bishop in South Park?

(SPOILER?) – South Park: The Stick of Truth Canadian Bishop??? (SPOILER?) Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. What do you need help on? Cancel X You’re browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest.

Where do you kill the Bishop of Banff?

He tells you to kill the Bishop of Banff first. Go to Banff, which is north of Winnipeg. Go to the building to the north and hit the Bishop. The battle starts. Defeat the Bishop and he asks you to spare him, offering Dire Pig testicles in place of his.

What happens if you kill the bishop in South Park?

Killing him will net you a crappy weapon you can buy in Canada. So, there is no reason to kill him. If it’s not too late: make sure that you fart on the Duke of Vancouver in the cave. You only get one chance. Canadian Bishop??? (SPOILER?)