Should I recirculate my BOV?

Should I recirculate my BOV?

Should I recirculate my BOV?

To actually answer your question though, The reason you need to recirculate your BOV is the you are dumping metered air, and as a result, you will go extremely rich between shifts, and possibly have a difficult time idling.

How does a recirculating BOV work?

A BOV/BPV solves this issue by allowing that pressurized air to escape from the inlet tubing, and works by measuring the manifold pressure. When the throttle body closes, relative manifold pressure drops below atmospheric pressure.

Does BOV add performance?

A blow-off valve is a version of a compressor bypass valve that vents to atmosphere. There is no performance reason for doing this, but it does make a really loud noise. The only performance-related reasons to upgrade the compressor bypass valve is to fix a leaky factory valve.

Do dump valves decrease power?

Dump valves are there for a purpose. If anything, the ‘should’ improve the feel of the car, not the performance. All it does is exhaust the pressure in the turbo pipework when changing gears so as not to slow the turbo down so it doesn’t have to speed up when you’ve changed gear and back on the gas!

What is turbo flutter?

When people think of turbocharged cars, one of the first things that comes to mind is the sound of turbo flutter, that fluttering/chattering sound which happens when the driver backs off the throttle in a hurry, such as when changing gear.

Does a BOV increase HP?

The MS3’s bov leaks at stock boost levels. Going aftermarket does not add any more power, but stops the loss of power due to the leak. This is not the case on our cars.

Does turbo flutter damage turbo?

When the compressed air has nowhere to go, it causes the turbo rotational speed to rapidly drop, and attempts to push against the wheel. This can cause premature wear on your turbo, however closed throttle flutter on modern turbochargers is unlikely to cause a noticeable drop in turbocharger lifespan.

Are dump valves legal?

They are only legal if you are 17, own a flat brimmed hat, and drive a 1996 turbo Eclipse.