Starvation as an anti-aging remedy

Starvation as an anti-aging remedy

It is known that restricting diet improves life. In addition, this applies to almost all terrestrial organisms. However, so far, scientists cannot answer the question of why this is so. Of course, if necessary. For a common format, it should therefore be based on a common mechanism to understand this mechanism – that is, that the secret of determining aging. American colleagues on the example of drosophiles hold to a free diet and aging schedule. It has been found that the aging process is not directly correlated with the timing and age restriction only reduces body resistance in many ways. It is surprising that low overall resistance steal hungry yet have a good average lifespan! So, buying new secrets details of aging.


American scientists from the Institute of Genetics at the University of Georgia (Athens, USA) wondered how the timing is due (or, as they call it, demographics) physiological aging. Physiological aging – the ability to recover the body, the ability to resist stresses and resist all types of physical activity. You can imagine that these characteristics determine the outcome in a living organism. In other words, the hypothesis of the aging state, the aging of the duration of the physiological measurement.

Surprisingly, the direct experience of the authors in the review Cell aging reported since its release, very little. They conducted the study, which fills this gap. In this experiment, it has long been known phenomenon to extend the life of a marked limited power on the basis. If the animal leaves only the necessary amount of food to survive to the average lifespan of one and a half times (of course, it depends on the amount of the animal type and its individual properties).

Experiment fruit fly pomace fly diet life is limited by 38 days in a normal diet supplement-extending half to 54 days before. Researchers suggest that hungry flies is a physiological resistance should increase the die and increased stability allows the flies to live longer. However, this hypothesis seems logical, has not been confirmed.

Cold tolerance, resistance to hunger, resistance to infection, resistance to aggressiveness of free radicals chosen as indicators of stability tests physiological standards. Each of these indicators can be quantified over a payback period or mortality and the number of surviving lines. In addition, we have a fecundity of flies sitting on different calculated diets. Thus, researchers, these parameters are compared on a line that has been maintained on a normal diet and decreases (all flies were divided into four age groups).

Results were different for young birds flying and older age groups. The young fly with reduced resistance to physiological diet all parameters were higher than in the same age with a normal diet. Nevertheless, for centuries the image is reversed. Since hunger is worse moved faster and hypothermia from exposure to peroxide products. It is important that the immune system is all the higher as the normal result of digestion, as Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, relatively better bacterial infections. Of course, to increase the strength due to the increased lifespan, despite the fact that there is a direct relationship is unlikely. The plots are undernourished as something greater resistance to the fly can see, so you do not need, which dramatically increases the lifespan of these words explain only a slight increase in disease resistance.

The researchers conclude that fasting will not delay physiological aging, but prolongs life; Aging – The creation of a highly mobile animal, contrary to conservative life expectancy. It is therefore clear that the physiological aging and reflects the different species of a more general process of the body of a living being.