What are all the aspects in Thaumcraft?

What are all the aspects in Thaumcraft?

What are all the aspects in Thaumcraft?

Each aspect is identified by a Latin name, an icon, and a characteristic color. The six Primal Aspects are Aer (air), Aqua (water), Ignis (fire), Terra (earth), Ordo (order), and Perditio (entropy), which are combined pairwise to produce successively more complex Compound Aspects.

What items contain Ordo?

Sources. Ordo is found directly in few items: Silverwood logs, Smooth Sandstone, or droppers. More often, it will be centrifuged from Motus, Instrumentum, or Potentia. (Machina can also be double-centrifuged for 50% Ordo.)

How do I get more primal aspects?

how do i get more primal aspects?

  1. You can place clusters and bookshelves around your table and it will passively give you infinite points.
  2. Wool in a Deconstruction table is guaranteed to give you an aspect (most or possible all other items will not) and better yet the aspect can be any of the primals.

How many aspects are there in Thaumcraft?

Aspects are the various elements of the Thaumcraft 4 world that many objects in the world are made of. Aspects can be separated into 2 categories: primal and compound. There are six primal aspects: Aer, Aqua, Ignis, Terra, Ordo, and Perditio.

What items have Permutatio?

Permutatio is an Aspect based in Exchanging, Change, and Barter. Permutatio is one of the earlier aspects you will discover due to its presence on common items such as Eggs and Seeds….Sources.

Item Name Aspect Value
Silver Ingot 2
(Flax, Barley) Seeds 1
Pumpkin Seeds 1
Melon Seeds 1

How do you make Motus in Thaumcraft?

Motus, is composed of Aer + Ordo. Its essentia is needed to produce golem bodies, and for various infusions. It can also be centrifuged to yield Ordo.

How do you get an Instrumentum?

It is most easily distilled from flint, but also found in any shovel or axe. It has many compounds, of which Machina, Telum and Tutamen are perhaps the most easily available.

How do you get Volatus?

The Volatus can be purchased in GTA Online from Elitás Travel for a price of $2,295,000. The Volatus is stored as a Pegasus Vehicle and Hangar (Personal Aircraft). It can only be resprayed and cannot be further modified.