What are some fun facts about Tajikistan?

What are some fun facts about Tajikistan?

What are some fun facts about Tajikistan?

Interesting facts about Tajikistan

  • Tajikistan is a mountainous nation.
  • Just like the mountains, lakes in Tajikistan are an integral part of the nature of the country.
  • Beauty standards vary from culture to culture.
  • Tajikistan is home to the world’s second tallest dam.

What is Tajikistan known for?

Tajikistan encompasses the smallest amount of land among the five Central Asian states, but in terms of elevation it surpasses them all, enclosing more and higher mountains than any other country in the region. Tajikistan was a constituent (union) republic of the Soviet Union from 1929 until its independence in 1991.

Is Tajikistan a rich or poor country?

Tajikistan – Poverty and wealth Tajikistan is the poorest country among the East European and CIS nations. It had the lowest per capita income among the same groups during the Soviet era.

What is unique about Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan is one of 45 landlocked countries, but does have the consolation of Issyk-Kul, the world’s second largest high-altitude lake (behind Titicaca in South America). It is 113 miles long, 37 miles wide and reaches a depth of 668 metres (2,192 feet). The lake was a popular holiday resort during the Soviet era.

Is Dushanbe worth visiting?

Like most capital cities in Central Asia, Dushanbe isn’t anything worth writing home about. Some places worth visiting are the Tajikistan National Museum, Dushanbe Bazaar and the Dushanbe Flagpole (second tallest free-standing flagpole in the world, at a height of 165 metres).

What is the average income per person in Tajikistan?

1070.00 USD
GDP per capita in Tajikistan is expected to reach 1070.00 USD by the end of 2021, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the Tajikistan GDP per capita is projected to trend around 1100.00 USD in 2022, according to our econometric models.

How does Tajikistan make money?

Tajikistan’s only major heavy industries are aluminum processing and chemical production. The former, which provided 40% of industrial production in 2005, is centered at the Tursunzoda processing plant, the latter in Dushanbe, Qurghonteppa, and Yavan. Aluminum production increased by 6% in 2005.

Can you drink alcohol in Tajikistan?

When measuring alcohol consumption just amongst those people who actually drink the stuff, an entirely new set of countries climb to the top: Chad, the UAE, The Gambia, Tajikistan and Mali. All five are predominantly Islamic states, and the majority of their populations never drink alcohol.

What is Kyrgyzstan best known for?

Outdoor Adventure. By foot, on horseback, or bicycle; Kyrgyzstan is the best country in the region to get out into the mountains and back in touch with nature. Ak-Suu From Jyrgalan to Karakol and on to the Southern Shore, this mountainous region to the east of Issyk-Köl is prime territory for mountain adventure.