What are the best elk units in Wyoming?

What are the best elk units in Wyoming?

What are the best elk units in Wyoming?

Area 30 has a long season, but has the most private land of the three to contend with, but can produce great bulls. Bulls here tend to top out at around 320, with the average bull running 260-280. Area 31 has always been one of the most popular elk units.

What are the general elk units in Wyoming?

General Elk Units

Unit Total Square Miles % Public (USFS, BLM, State)
Unit 15 503.3 62%
Unit 21 1002.1 73%
Unit 28 543.1 82%
Unit 36 208.7 63%

Where are the biggest elk in Wyoming?

– The Bald Ridge elk area is a very familiar resident on this list. The Bald Ridge unit probably has some of the biggest bulls in the entire state of Wyoming roaming the deep and steep nooks and crannies of this elk area.

What is a Type 1 elk tag in Wyoming?

Type 1 license Valid for the season and weapon as indicated within the Wyoming regulations—typically a Type 1 is a rifle hunt. In addition, most Type 1 licenses will also allow hunters to purchase an over-the-counter (OTC) archery stamp and bowhunt during the entire month or a portion of September.

How many points does it take to draw an elk tag in Wyoming?

two points
Why Wyoming for elk in 2017 Wyoming offers some of the best general area elk hunting in the West. Hunters that currently hold at least two points will be able to draw a general elk license.

How much does it cost to hunt elk in Wyoming?

Fully Guided Archery Hunts

Elk Hunts Per Person
6-Day Elk Hunt (Camp Hunt) 1 on 1 – 6 full days of hunting $6,900.00
6-Day Elk Hunt (Private Land) Hunt) 6 full days of hunting Full Through 2022 $8,700.00

Is elk hunting good in Wyoming?

It’s one of the best guided hunts you can choose in the western United States. Wyoming has healthy elk herds, and we hunt some of the best ground in the state. In fact, OUR ELK HUNTS typically have a 100% opportunity rate. Not many free range outfits can offer that kind of quality.

How many elk tags can you have in Wyoming?

An applicant shall apply for or receive no more than a total of three (3) elk licenses in any one (1) calendar year. An applicant may apply for and receive one (1) general or limited quota full price elk license and one (1) limited quota reduced price cow/calf elk license through the initial license drawing.

How many preference points do I need to hunt elk in Wyoming?

three preference points
In fact, Wyoming’s general permit elk hunting opportunities rival our neighboring states’ special permit units, and required only three preference points to guarantee a license was drawn in 2018!