What are the Marshall Islands famous for?

What are the Marshall Islands famous for?

What are the Marshall Islands famous for?

The Marshall Islands form a nation of scattered atolls and remote islands, which are known for their marine life and diving opportunities. Many of the atolls are dotted with Flame of the Forest, hibiscus and different-coloured plumeria flowers. There are also at least 160 species of coral surrounding the islands.

How did the Marshall Islands get their name?

The islands derive their name from John Marshall, who visited in 1788. During World War II, the United States took control of the islands in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaign in 1944. Nuclear testing began on Bikini Atoll in 1946 and concluded in 1958.

How many islands are in the Marshall Islands?

Geography: Consisting of 29 low-lying coral atolls and five coral islands ordered in two chains (the Ralik chain to the west and the Ratak chain to the east), the Marshall Islands span several hundred miles from north to south.

Does anyone live on the Marshall Islands?

With a population of just over 50,000 people, about half live in Majuro alone. It’s a small island where everyone knows everyone and knows everything.

What language do they speak in Marshall Islands?

Marshall Islands/Official languages

Marshallese is the official language of the Marshall Islands and enjoys vigorous use. As of 1979, the language was spoken by 43,900 people in the Marshall Islands.

What is the main religion in the Marshall Islands?

Religion in the Marshall Islands has been primarily Christian since the religion was introduced by Western missionaries since around 1857. The government generally supports the free practice of religion, although the minority Ahmadiyya Muslim community has reported some harassment and discrimination.

What is Marshall Islands known for?

To nineteenth century sailors, whalers, and traders, the Marshall Islands were famous for being fierce and hostile to strangers.

What are martial Islands?

The Marshall Islands are a group of atolls and reefs in the Pacific Ocean , about half-way between Hawaii and Australia.

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