What are the months of the year in Farsi?

What are the months of the year in Farsi?

What are the months of the year in Farsi?


English Persian Pronunciation
September شهریور shahrivar
October مهر mehr
November آبان aban
December آذر azar

What is the year in Iranian calendar?

The calendar, known as a Solar Hirji calendar, is the official calendar for both Iran and Afghanistan. But that’s not the only place where 2014 isn’t happening. According to the Muslim Lunar Hirji calendar, the year is currently 1435. If we’re looking at the Buddhist Nirvana calendar, it’s year 2558.

What month is in Iranian calendar?

Persian calendar is completely in accordance with nature so that when it’s for example autumn in nature it’s exactly 1 Mehr in Persian calendar whereas in Gregorian calendar it’s 23 September!…Persian/Phrasebook/Seasons and Months.

Persian بهار فروردین
Pronunciation bahâr farvardin (31 days)
English spring 21 Mar. – 20 Apr.
Zodiac sign Aries

What year is it in Iran 2020?

Khordad 1399

Persian Calendar Gregorian Calendar
21 Khordad 1399 (Chaharshanbeh) June 10 2020 (Wednesday)
22 Khordad 1399 (Panjshanbeh) June 11 2020 (Thursday)
23 Khordad 1399 (Jomeh) June 12 2020 (Friday)
24 Khordad 1399 (Shanbeh) June 13 2020 (Saturday)

What joon means in Farsi?

Joon (or jân, as it’s often pronounced), means “soul/spirit/life”, but it’s essentially a Persian word of endearment used after a person’s first name to mean “dear”.

What is Shamsi date today?

Today’s date in shamsi

Date Result
Shamsi calendar 24 Virgo 1400
Shamsi calendar, Digital format 24/6/1400

Why is the year different in Iran?

The first day of the new year is called Nowruz, and it is celebrated around the world by Iranian people. Tying the Solar Hijri calendar so closely to the astronomical seasons makes it much more accurate than the Gregorian calendar, which, even in its modern form, deviates from the solar year by 1 day in 3236 years.

What does Nowruz symbolize?

Nowruz, or “new day” in Persian, is an ancient festival that marks the beginning of spring and celebrates the rebirth of nature. And naturally, it has a lot to do with fresh, green foods just beginning to poke out of the ground that remind us winter is not, in fact, eternal.

When does the first month of the Iranian year start?

Instead, I’ll list the names of the Solar hijri months (bearing in mind that the first month of the Iranian year begins at the start of spring, so these don’t align with Gregorian months), and the Persian versions of the Gregorian months.

When is the New Year celebrated in Iran?

The official Iranian calendar is the “Solar Hijri calendar,” which takes our Gregorian year 622 as year 1, as the lunar Hijri calendar does, but is a solar, 365-day calendar like our Gregorian calendar, with the New Year (“ Nowruz “) being celebrated on the Spring Equinox.

How many days are there in the Persian calendar?

The Persian Calendar Used in Iran, Afghanistan Calendar type Solar Accuracy (Rule-based version) 1 day in 110,000 years Number of days Common year: 365 Leap year: 366 Number of months 12

Which is the most accurate calendar in Iran?

Officially used in Iran and Afghanistan, the Solar Hijri calendar is one of the world’s most accurate calendar systems. It is also known as Persian Calendar, Iranian Calendar, and SH Calendar.