What are the problems of overpopulation in India?

What are the problems of overpopulation in India?

What are the problems of overpopulation in India?

Drinking water, sewage treatment, inadequate rainfall, rapid depletion of natural resources, extinction of many plant and animal species due to deforestation and loss of eco-systems, increased level of life-threatening air and water pollution, high infant and child mortality rate and hunger due to extreme poverty are …

Is population growth a problem in India?

“India’s population growth rates have been steadily declining, particularly in the recent decades. Our birth rates have fallen from 30 in 1991 to 20 per 1,000 population today,” he said. “So there is no overall cause for concern as population growth is slowing down and fertility rates are declining.”

What are the main problems faced due to overpopulation in India elaborate?

The result is lack of transportation, communication, housing, education, healthcare etc. There has been an increase in the number of slums, overcrowded houses, traffic congestion etc. Resource utilisation: Land areas, water resources, forests are over exploited. There is also a scarcity of resources.

How can we reduce overpopulation?

5 possible solutions to overpopulation

  1. Empower women. Studies show that women with access to reproductive health services find it easier to break out of poverty, while those who work are more likely to use birth control.
  2. Promote family planning.
  3. Make education entertaining.
  4. Government incentives.
  5. 5) One-child legislation.

What is the problem of India?

Pollution and environmental issues are the other challenges that India is facing at present. Though India is working hard, there is a long way to go. Degradation of land, depleting natural resources, and loss of biodiversity are the main issues of concern due to pollution.

What is the population problem of India?

Some of the major population problems of India are as follows: 1. Rapid Growth of Population 2. Disproportionate Gender Composition 3. Poor Standard of Living and Malnutrition 4.

What are solutions to overpopulation?

Actions on the individual level

  • Have fewer children!
  • Consider adoption!
  • Read, educate yourself about population issues – read more here.
  • Reduce your personal consumption: go vegan, limit flying, share your household with others, and more.
  • Educate your teenage child(ren) about sex and contraception early, without taboos.

Where is overpopulation a problem?

Singapore is the world’s most overpopulated state, followed by Israel and Kuwait, according to a new league table ranking countries by their degree of overpopulation.