What are the responsibilities of a ship Master?

What are the responsibilities of a ship Master?

What are the responsibilities of a ship Master?

Ship’s masters are in charge of a ship, its crew and any passengers or cargo it is carrying – on the water and in port. On tugs or pilot boats, ship’s masters may guide or assist ships in and out of harbours or through difficult waterways.

What are the important responsibilities of the Master with regards to the contract of carriage?

As the Master of a oceangoing ship, you have the ultimate responsibility not only for the safety and security of your ship, but also of its passengers, crew and the cargo. As the ship owner’s representative and effectively the vessel’s general manager, the Master’s purpose cannot be understated.

What are the responsibilities of the Master during abandon ship?

The master of the ship is the overall in charge of the vessel at all times, even when he and his crew have to leave or abandon the vessel due to accidents such as fire, flooding, or collision. Inform the EOW (Engineer On Watch) by the ship’s telephone that ship is to be abandoned.

What is the truth about the Master onboard vessel?

The Master, being the overall in-charge of everything on board, is responsible for the functioning of the vessel is every aspect. Thus, it is obvious for him to promulgate his requirements with respect to the safety of navigation and other operations carried out on the ship.

What are the duties and responsibilities of Master give at least 5?


  • Watch keeping.
  • Maintenance planning and follow-up.
  • Emergency measures and drills.
  • Cargo operations.
  • All tasks relevant to the proper ship exploitation and safe ship operation.

Who is responsible for vessel safety?

The safety of a commercial boat’s crew is the most important responsibility assigned to a captain. If you were injured at sea while serving aboard a commercial vessel, discuss your case with an attorney with knowledge of U.S. Maritime Law to determine whether the boat owner or captain bears liability for damages.

What are the duties and responsibilities of master give at least 5?

Is duties and responsibilities the same?

Duty is a moral commitment to something or someone, whereas responsibility is a condition of being responsible. As a citizen of a country, a person has many duties to perform. It is his duty to adhere to the constitution. Responsibility can be termed as an ability to act at one’s own will, without any supervision.

What actions are taken before a ship is abandoned?

Procedure for Abandoning Ship

  • Put on all available waterproof clothing, including gloves, headgear, and life jacket.
  • Collect survival kit .
  • Note present position.
  • Send out MAYDAY message.
  • Launch life raft attached to ship.
  • Launch dinghy attached to life raft.

What happens when a ship lists?

“Listing” is a nautical term to describe when a vessel takes on water and tilts to one side. A ship can list either to port (left) or starboard (right). Neither is desirable, as listing or rolling too much can cause a ship to capsize, or overturn in the water.

How would you explain the reason why the vessel can be declared as unseaworthy?

A vessel contains an “unseaworthy condition” if a piece of equipment, a piece of gear, an appliance or any of the vessel´s accessories or attachments is not reasonably fit for its intended purposes – even if the vessel as a whole is still fit. Unseaworthiness applies to any part of the ship, even crew members.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the Master?

The Master shall take measures necessary to respond to emergencies though not expressly granted by this Instruction.

Can a master go ashore on a ship?

During the stay of the ship in port, the Master shall use his best discretion to allow his crew to go ashore. However, half of officers and ratings of each department must stay onboard for safety reasons, such as when an immediate shifting or maneuvering needs to be done.

Who is the custodian of the vessel fund?

The Master is the custodian of vessel fund and shall be accountable to the Owners on how it was spent. He shall keep a record of all vessel expenses for proper accounting when his term expires. The Master is responsible foe sending and receiving important vessel communication.

How does the Master decide the sailing time?

The Master shall decide the sailing time from the port in accordance with the sailing instruction and operation direction. He must start to sail out as soon as possible for departure are completed and navigate to the next port of call without changing he schedule route, except in instances allowed by maritime laws.