What are the surrounding cities of Houston Texas?

What are the surrounding cities of Houston Texas?

What are the surrounding cities of Houston Texas?

Houston’s Surrounding Cities

  • Aldine.
  • Algoa.
  • Alvin.
  • Angleton.
  • Bay City.
  • Baytown.
  • Channelview.
  • Clear Lake City.

What is the bad side of Houston?

Sunnyside Sunnyside is a neighborhood south of downtown Houston that is known as the most dangerous neighborhood in Texas and the sixth most dangerous in the US. Violent crime is particularly bad here, and the area’s residents have a 1 in 11 chance of becoming a crime victim.

What is the richest area in Houston?

Piney Point Village
Piney Point One of the independent cities that make up the Memorial Villages, Piney Point Village is the wealthiest area in Texas by per capita income. Opulence and luxury are staples in Piney Point real estate, a community where you can also find the most expensive houses in Houston.

What are the safest areas of Houston?

These are the Houston-area cities ranked among the safest in Texas:

  • Fulshear. Rank: 2. Population: 13,967.
  • West University Place. Rank: 12. Population: 15,818.
  • Memorial Villages. Rank: 13. Population: 12,472.
  • Friendswood. Rank: 16. Population: 40,735.
  • Manvel. Rank: 28.
  • Santa Fe. Rank: 42.
  • Missouri City. Rank: 53.
  • League City. Rank: 56.

What is the poorest state in Texas?

Cooper was ranked the poorest town in Texas in a 24/7 Wall St….Cooper ranks the poorest of Texas towns, study finds.

State Alabama
Poorest Town Selma
Median Household Income $24,820
Poverty Rate 41.0%
Median Home Value $90,200

What city is closest to Houston Texas?

San Antonio, Texas is the closest city to Houston at a distance of 199 kilometers while Seattle, Washington lies the farthest with a distance of 2442 kilometers.

What are the surrounding cities in Houston?

Cities, towns and places near Houston include MacGregor, West University Place, Southside Place and Bellaire. The closest major cities include Austin, Corpus Christi , San Antonio and Shreveport .

What cities are in the Houston region?


  • Sugar Land
  • Spring
  • Katy
  • Kingwood
  • Stafford
  • Conroe
  • Texas City
  • Cypress
  • The Woodlands
  • What is the location of Houston Texas?

    Houston is a city found in Texas, The United States Of America. It is located 29.76 latitude and -95.36 longitude and it is situated at elevation 30 meters above sea level. Houston has a population of 2,099,451 making it the biggest city in Texas. It operates on the CDT time zone.