What classification is theophylline?

What classification is theophylline?

What classification is theophylline?

This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as xanthines. It works by relaxing the muscles around the airways so that they open up and you can breathe more easily. It also decreases the lungs’ response to irritants. Controlling symptoms of breathing problems can decrease time lost from work or school.

What is tilade used for?

Tilade CFC-Free Inhaler is used to prevent bronchial asthma due to allergy, exercise, cold air or irritants, in both adults and children over two years of age.

Is tilade a steroid?

General: The role of Tilade (nedocromil inhalation aerosol) as a corticosteroid-sparing agent in patients receiving oral or inhaled corticosteroids remains to be defined.

Why is tilade no longer available?

King Pharmaceuticals has decided to discontinue the manufacturing of Tilade Inhaler (nedocromil sodium inhalation aerosol). The decision is based upon many factors, including the company’s inability to identify a qualified manufacturer for a chlorofluorocarbon propellant inhaler.

What is the normal theophylline level?

Therapeutic serum levels of theophylline are between 10 to 20 mcg/ml. Most adults achieve these concentrations with daily slow-release oral theophylline preparations, 200-400 mg (approximately 10 mg/Kg) twice a day.

What is the pH of theophylline?

While salts of theophylline may be formed with a base at high pH, theophylline is only slightly ionized at physiological pH (pKa = 8.8).

Is tilade discontinued?

Nedocromil sodium 2mg inhalers (TiladeĀ® – an alternative chromone inhaler) were discontinued in May 2019.

What type of drug is nedocromil?

Ophthalmic nedocromil is used to treat itchy eyes caused by allergies. Symptoms of allergies occur when cells in your body called mast cells release substances after you come in contact with something to which you are allergic. Nedocromil is in a class of drugs called mast cell stabilizers.

Is Tilade discontinued?

Was Tilade discontinued?

Both Tilade and Intal Forte inhalers are being discontinued. Supply of Tilade inhalers is likely to run out by late July 2020 and supply of Intal Forte inhalers is likely to run out by late October 2020. Nedocromil and sodium cromoglicate inhalers will no longer be available once the current supply runs out.

Why is my theophylline level low?

Increased clearance of theophylline and the low levels that result are caused by the consumption of barbecued meats; youth (age 1-16 years); low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets; acidosis; and smoking cigarettes and marijuana.

What are the benefits of regular use of Tilade?

Benefits which may be achieved from regular use of Tilade (nedocromil inhalation aerosol) include: Prevention or reduction of asthma symptoms such as wheezing, chest tightness, cough, and shortness of breath. Treatment of the bronchial inflammation that causes asthma.

What do you need to know about Tilade inhalation?

Nedocromil inhalation is used to prevent asthma attacks and other conditions involving inflammation of the lung tissues. Nedocromil may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide. What is the most important information I should know about Tilade (nedocromil inhalation)?

How many children have been treated with Tilade?

The worldwide clinical trial experience with Tilade comprises 6,469 patients, including 993 pediatric patients 6 through 11 years of age. Studies have been conducted both at twice daily and at four times daily dosage regimens.

Is it safe to take Tilade with other medications?

In clinical studies, Tilade (nedocromil inhalation aerosol) has been co-administered with other anti-asthma medications, including inhaled and oral bronchodilators, and inhaled corticosteroids, with no evidence of increased frequency of adverse events or laboratory abnormalities.