What company makes quantum fishing reels?

What company makes quantum fishing reels?

What company makes quantum fishing reels?

Best Quantum Fishing Reel Reviews. Quantum fishing is part of the Zebco family of products and has become known for both their spinning and baitcasting lines of reels. The company first went into business in 1984 and has been producing quality reels ever since.

Is Quantum made by Zebco?

Zebco is a preeminent marketer of fishing tackle and outdoor gear. Zebco Europe distributes the namesake Zebco brand, but also has a strong share of Europe’s predator fishing with Quantum, which originally launched in the United States in 1984, and is well-established in the lexicon of American and European angling.

How do you take apart a Quantum spinning reel?

Unscrew the screws that hold the handle of the reel to the reel itself. Pull the handle off. Spin the drag, which is the star-shaped piece of metal, counterclockwise. Loosen it until you can pull it off the reel.

Is Quantum a good spinning reel?

One of the best fishing reel out there. Great handle when reeling those fish. great drag power and very durable.

What is the best quantum reel?

Top 10 Best Quantum Baitcasting Reels 2021

# Product
1 Quantum Throttle 100 Baitcasting Reel, 6.6:1 Gear Ratio, 8 Bearings (7 + Clutch), Right Hand
2 Quantum Accurist S3 PT Baitcast Fishing Reel, 8+1 Bearings, 7.0:1 Gear Ratio, Right Hand, Orange
3 Quantum KVD Smoke S3 SKVD100HPT 7.3:1 Baitcast Reel Right Hand

Is Quantum a good brand?

Quantum has a wide range of product portfolio that encompasses computer accessories, mobile accessories and also surveillance products. Quantum’s wide product range offers superior value through good quality and best-in-class features at affordable prices.

How do you remove the Quantum reel spool?

Hold the Quantum reel firmly and slide the side of the reel opposite the handle up to access the spool. Remove the spool by sliding it straight out and set it to the side. Access the reel handle by loosening and removing the screw holding the handle cap in place with a small-blade screwdriver.

Where can I buy Quantum fishing reel parts?

With over 15,000 unique fishing reel parts in stock we’re ready to help you get your fishing reel back into the action as quickly as possible. Below is our current selection of Quantum parts that can be ordered online.

What kind of reels can Glenn’s reel and Rod Repair?

Glenn’s Reel & Rod Repair – Expert fishing reel repair by manufacturer trained and authorized techs. Warranty Repair – We are an authorized warranty repair center for Abu Garcia, Daiwa, Mitchell, Johnson, Quantum, and Zebco reels.

Why do you need a quantum fishing gear?

At Quantum, we push those qualities to their limit and beyond. Because out there, you need gear that’s hardworking and smooth-performing with every cast, crank and cast — tested to go beyond limits, so you can reach beyond yours. Shop the latest Quantum gear

What do you need to know about reel repair?

Include name, address, phone number, and a short description of any problem areas of your reels when sending them in. When we clean and service your reel, it is disassembled, the parts are cleaned by hand and inspected – straitened, adjusted or replaced if needed. Then its reassembled with top quality greases and oils.