What did Lucas do to Denise?

What did Lucas do to Denise?

What did Lucas do to Denise?

Lucas’s facade began to crack as he tried to cover up his crimes. He finally revealed his guilt to Denise, then held her hostage, faking her death and holding a funeral service in her memory. Realising the error of his ways, Lucas allowed her to escape, and was arrested. He is currently serving life in prison.

What did Denise’s ex husband do?

Denise’s ex-husband, Owen Turner, was another person Lucas killed. During a time where he suspected Lucas was involved in Trina’s death, he confronted him about it, threatening to go to the police. Lucas then strangled Owen to death.

Who is Lucas Johnson to Denise?

Lucas is the ex of Denise, and father to Chelsea and Jordan – while he was also the stepfather of Denise’s daughter Libby.

What has happened to Denise EastEnders?

Denise is not dead, and viewers learned she was still alive in Friday’s episode – while her loved ones do not know her fate.

What happened to Lucas son Jordan?

It has been confirmed that Lucas Johnson’s son Jordan is dead. During a chat with Denise, Lucas revealed his child had passed away after a heroin overdose. He said: “Jordan’s dead. It was drugs, a heroin overdose.

Is Denise still in Eastenders?

Who is the drug dealer in EastEnders?

The new drug dealer in EastEnders is Caleb Malone.

Is Denise dead in EastEnders?

Who has taken Denise?

Denise Van Outen has had to pull out of ITV’s Dancing on Ice after a shoulder injury and she’s being replaced by Amy Tinkler.

What happened to Denise and Lucas?

Lucas comes to Chelsea’s aid when she develops a drug habit but Denise is furious to see him and tells him to stay away. Denise eventually forgives Lucas and they rekindle their relationship, becoming engaged.

Is Jordan in Eastenders really dead?

Owen Turner found out about the bracelet from Chelsea and he taunted Lucas – so Lucas killed him! It was revealed by his father, Lucas, that he had died from a drug overdose prior to 2021.

Is Jordan in Eastenders dead?