What did the Virgen de Guadalupe say to Juan Diego?

What did the Virgen de Guadalupe say to Juan Diego?

What did the Virgen de Guadalupe say to Juan Diego?

The virgin told Juan Diego to go and tell the local Bishop to build a church on this hill, and Juan Diego did as he was told. So the virgin appeared once more, and on the second occasion told Juan Diego to collect flowers from the top of the hill.

Why is the canonization of Juan Diego in July 2002 so important?

In July 2002, Juan Diego was canonized in Mexico City, an honor many feel is long overdue. Because of Juan Diego’s evangelization, an estimated nine million Indians converted to the Christianity of La Moreñita (the beloved dark virgin)—Christ now incarnated in the American soul.

How did Juan Diego prove his story to the Archbishop?

When he opened his tilma (cloak) while appearing before the bishop, dozens of roses fell out, and an image of Mary, imprinted on the inside of his cloak, became visible. Having received his proof, the bishop ordered that a church be built on Tepeyac Hill in honour of the Virgin.

Is Guadalupe mentioned in the Bible?

The biblical passages that pertain to a fuller explanation are Genesis 3, Isaiah 7, and Revelation chapters 11-12. Chapter 3 of Genesis foretells a woman—or her seed (and this woman is pregnant!) —who will crush a serpent. Although we know the title as Our Lady of Guadalupe, Guadalupe is a Spanish word and St.

What is the story of Juan Diego?

LIVED: Juan Diego was an Indian born in Mexico in 1474; his Indian name, Cuauhtlatoatzin, means “the talking eagle.” He and his wife were among the first converts to Christianity . The story of his encounter with the Virgin Mary takes place in December 1521, about ten years after the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire . He died in 1548.

What is the story of the Virgen Guadalupe?

The story of the Virgin of Guadalupe Cuauhtlatoatzin was one of the first Aztec men to convert to Christianity after the Spanish invasion. Renamed as Juan Diego, he soon thereafter reported an appearance of the Virgin Mary called the Virgin of Guadalupe. This apparition became an important symbol for a new native Christianity.

Who is the Virgen de Guadalupe?

The Virgen de Guadalupe is an apparition of The Virgin Mary, the most important female figure in the Catholic faith and the mother of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Her story starts at the dawn of Spanish colonial Mexico, where indentured indigenous peasant found themselves trapped…