What do I do if I lost my MetroCard?

What do I do if I lost my MetroCard?

What do I do if I lost my MetroCard?

If your card is lost or stolen, simply call 511 or 718 330-1234 and follow the prompts until you get to the Balance Protection Program. Then, supply us with the number of the credit, debit, or ATM card you used to purchase your MetroCard.

Can metrocards be tracked?

Every MetroCard has a number on the back that you can use to track your card. Typically this is done only when cards are lost or stolen, but if circumstances permit, the number can be used to track use of the card for other reasons by using an MTA Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request.

How do I order a new MetroCard?

Where to buy a MetroCard

  1. At a MetroCard machine in a subway station. These machines are in most subway stations.
  2. At a station booth. Note: Most station booths are not making transactions because of the coronavirus pandemic.
  3. Through your employer.
  4. At mobile sales buses and vans.
  5. At a local retailer.

How do I check how much is on my MetroCard?

To check/view your balance you need to visit your nearby Metro station after 2 hours and check the details at Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) or Add Value Machine (AVM) by selecting prepaid top-up option. You have to tap the smart card at automated gates at the Metro station to complete the recharge process.

Can I check how much is on my MetroCard?

Keep in mind that you cannot check your Metrocard balance online. Currently, the New York City Metrocard does not offer an online method for checking your card balance. If you need to access your balance, you’ll need to do so while at the subway station or using the bus.

Can I cancel my MetroCard?

Call 511 and we will deactivate your MetroCard and send you a new one with the remaining fare value at the time of deactivation. Allow two/three weeks to receive your replacement card. You can also file a claim online.

How much money do I have on my MetroCard?

Insert your card into the Metrocard machine to access the main menu. Click on the “Get Info” button. From there, you can access your card type, balance, and expiration date. Once you’ve found your Metrocard balance, click “OK” to return to the main menu.

Is Metro Card refundable?

There are no part refunds. You can only apply for a refund in the amount of the full refundable balance of your Opal card. Amounts under $5 will not be refunded by cheque.

How do I deactivate my metro card?

You need to call the Adelaide Metro InfoLine on 1300 311 108 or visit the InfoCentre at the Adelaide Railway Station if you want to:

  1. cancel a metroCARD.
  2. remove a metroCARD from your account.
  3. change the name on your metroCARD account.
  4. transfer funds between metroCARDs.
  5. pay a debt on your metroCARD account.

Can you top up metroCARD online?

You can buy or recharge a metroCARD at many locations across Adelaide or order a metroCARD online and we will post it to you. metroCARDs and products associated with the metroCARD system are non-refundable. online, once you create a metroCARD account. by calling our InfoLine on 1300 311 108.

How much is monthly MetroCard NYC?

The monthly MetroCard is currently $116.50 and the weekly is $31. The 7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard will also increase from $57.25 to $59.50, and the $1 fee for purchasing a new MetroCard remains the same.

What to do with expired MetroCards?

If your Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard expires, you have two years from the expiration date to transfer any remaining money to a new card. Within the first year after expiration, bring your expired card to any subway station and ask the agent to make the transfer. After that time, the expired MetroCard must be sent to MetroCard customer claims.

How does the MetroCard work in NYC?

A MetroCard is a thin plastic card that is used to pay for bus and subway fares in New York City. You can buy them at a kiosk inside of nearly any subway station. They are also sold at some newsstands.