What do you call people from Pereira Colombia?

What do you call people from Pereira Colombia?

What do you call people from Pereira Colombia?

Pereira, Colombia

Demonym(s) Pereiran, Pereirano/a (Spanish), Paisa
Time zone UTC-05 (Eastern Time Zone)
Area code(s) 57 + 6
Website Official website (in Spanish)

Is Pereira Colombia safe?

Pereira, Colombia is generally safe to visit if you follow some basic safety tips, as you will reduce your risk of being a victim of crime. However, security in Pereira is still a major concern for foreign tourists visiting and expats living in Pereira.

How do you get to Pereira Colombia?

How to Get to Pereira

  1. Plane. Matecaña International Airport (PEI) has flights across Colombia and international services from New York and Panama City.
  2. Car. You can reach Pereira from Bogota in seven hours on the Ibague Armenia road.
  3. Bus. Pereira’s main station is the Terminal de Transportes de Pereira.

When was Pereira Colombia founded?

Founded on August 30, 1863, Pereira is part of the territory in 2011 UNESCO declared World Heritage Site: the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia.

Which country is Pereira?

Pereira, city, capital of Risaralda departamento (department), west-central Colombia. It is situated in the western foothills of the Cordillera Central above the Cauca River valley.

How do I get from Medellin to Pereira?

The distance between Pereira to Medellín is 262 miles (423 km). Flying is the easiest way to travel to Medellín from Pereira, which takes less than an hour via a direct flight. Going by private transfer is also an option—the route takes about five hours, depending on the frequent delays due to accidents and roadwork.

How long is the bus from Medellin to Pereira?

6 hrs 0 mins
Medellin to Pereira Bus Service

Avg. Bus Duration : 6 hrs 0 mins
Buses depart from : Medellin
Bus arrives in : Pereira
Cheapest Bus : COP 70000
Earliest Bus : 04:30

Where is the country of Colombia?

South America
Colombia, officially Republic of Colombia, Spanish República de Colombia, country of northwestern South America. Its 1,000 miles (1,600 km) of coast to the north are bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, and its 800 miles (1,300 km) of coast to the west are washed by the Pacific Ocean.