What do you eat on the Bernstein diet?

What do you eat on the Bernstein diet?

What do you eat on the Bernstein diet?

What to Eat

  • Most meats.
  • Eggs.
  • Tofu.
  • Any vegetable not on the forbidden list.
  • Cheese.
  • Cottage cheese (in very small amounts)
  • Full-fat unsweetened yogurt.
  • Cream.

How many calories do you eat on the Bernstein diet?

Stanley Bernstein has helped 450,000 patients lose a ton of fat by putting them on a merciless 850-calories-per-day diet and injecting them with his secret vitamin B cocktail. His critics say the diet is dangerous. His followers say they’ve never been happier.

How much weight can you lose on Dr Bernstein diet?

On our program, you can safely lose up to 20 lb every month*. That’s 4 to 5 inches off your waistline every single month!*

What is the Dr Bernstein at Home program?

Our specially-trained team of doctors and nurses can show you how to lose weight quickly, safely and naturally while you regain your energy, vitality and confidence. The Bernstein Weight Loss Program eliminates many of the barriers to success by helping to prevent cravings, headaches, fatigue and rebound weight gain.

Can I do Dr Bernstein diet on my own?

With the current requirements around Social-Distancing and Self-Isolation making it difficult for patients to get to the clinics for regular treatment, we are making the Dr Bernstein At Home Weight Loss Program available to all patients at this time so you can keep up with your progress at home!

Can I exercise on Bernstein diet?

Many of our patients are on supervised exercise regimes while on our diet. As well, many overweight people are in poor medical condition to exercise, so our program is uniquely suited to help them regain their health.

How does the Dr Bernstein Diet work for weight loss?

The Dr Bernstein diet is based on eating three meals a day, with food selections based on a list of “allowed” foods, with a limited amount of carbohydrates at each meal. The Dr Bernstein diet is a low glycemic and low inflammatory diet that helps people lose weight.

What kind of grain does dr.bernstein eat?

Wheat, rye, barley, corn, and lesser-known, “alternative” grains, such as kasha, quinoa, and sorghum It’s a niche group (given the diet’s extreme nature), but people love it. Dr. Bernstein is a phenomenal example of the diet’s potential, as he has successfully reversed complications of diabetes and is doing very well at 83 years old.

What kind of vitamins do you get on the Bernstein Diet?

Dr Bernstein Diet Injections – Vitamin B12 and B6. On this diet, you receive five Bernstein Diet injections of a mix of B12 and B6 vitamins each week.

What foods to avoid on the Bernstein Diet?

Here is a concise list of foods to avoid listed in Dr. Bernstein’s book, The Diabetes Solution. It’s pretty easy to remember, once you start using it.