What do you mean by outworn?

What do you mean by outworn?

What do you mean by outworn?

: no longer useful or acceptable : outmoded an outworn social system.

What is the sentence of Bower?

1. They sat under the leafy bower at the end of the garden and watched the sun set. 2. I also reported that Tom Bower, biographer of Robert Maxwell, had a new biography deal.

What is the sentence of drooping?

(1) The flowers were drooping in the heat. (2) These plants are drooping — they want water. (3) The plants were drooping from lack of water. (4) Bloodhounds have drooping eyes and floppy ears.

What type of word is outworn?

out-of-date, outmoded, or obsolete: outworn ideas; outworn methods. worn-out, as clothes. exhausted in strength or endurance, as persons. past participle of outwear.

What is meant by superannuated?

1 : outmoded, old-fashioned superannuated slang superannuated planes. 2a : incapacitated or disqualified for active duty by advanced age. b : older than the typical member of a specified group a superannuated graduate student.

What is a sentence for Gallant?

Gallant sentence example. “That’s not fair!” my gallant bride-to-be offered. The most famous episode of the town’s history is its gallant and successful defence in the war of 1870-1871. I think there were not many such gallant sons of the fatherland out there as he.

How do you use delightful in a sentence?

Delightful sentence example

  1. It was a delightful surprise.
  2. What a delightful boy he was!
  3. Alex was a delightful companion.
  4. The town is delightful ; much nicer than a mythical Idaho location they’d like me to believe.
  5. This was my first real experience in college life, and a delightful experience it was!

What is the sentence of suffer?

Examples of suffer in a Sentence He died instantly and did not suffer. He suffered a heart attack and died instantly. She suffered an injury during the game. We suffered a great deal during the war.

Which is an example of an outworn sentence?

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Which is an example of a pattern in a sentence?

This pattern is an example of a simple sentence: Independent clause [ . ] Example: Doctors are concerned about the rising death rate from asthma. This pattern is an example of a compound sentence with a coordinating conjunction: Independent clause [ , ] coordinating conjunction independent clause [ .

Are there any synonyms for the word outworn?

Synonyms for outworn. Synonyms. antiquated, archaic, dated, démodé, demoded, fossilized, kaput (also kaputt), medieval (also mediaeval), moribund, mossy, moth-eaten, neolithic, Noachian, obsolete, out-of-date, outdated, outmoded, passé, prehistoric (also prehistorical), rusty, Stone Age, superannuated.

What’s the difference between outworn and sartorial inheritance?

— Tribune Content Agency, oregonlive.com, 11 Aug. 2019 Sartorial inheritance is perhaps innocuous, even if personally significant, whereas conflating outworn ideas of identity with homage is profoundly dangerous. — Aram Mrjoian, Longreads, 15 June 2019 Removing a president requires the president’s welcome to be really, really, really outworn.