What do you put in a Christmas Eve box for a toddler?

What do you put in a Christmas Eve box for a toddler?

What do you put in a Christmas Eve box for a toddler?

Christmas Eve Box Gift Ideas:

  1. Hot chocolate and marshmallows.
  2. Small cup or mug to enjoy said hot chocolate and marshmallows.
  3. “Reindeer food” to sprinkle on your lawn or balcony.
  4. A movie that you can all watch together.
  5. A board game you can play together.
  6. Pajamas.
  7. Socks.
  8. Slippers.

What can I put in a Christmas hamper for kids?

Best For Festive Fun Included are the classic Elf DVD, some magical reindeer food to leave out the night before, a cute glass milk bottle, some golden coins, a candy cane, hot chocolate powder, two chocolate bars, a large selection of sweets, and even some magic snow and a festive colouring set for a fun activity.

What do you put in a Christmas Eve hamper?

What is in a Christmas Eve Hamper?

  1. New Nightwear, this year the boys have pyjamas and slippers both gifted by Next.
  2. Reindeer Food to sprinkle just before bed outside for the reindeers.
  3. Snowman Soup to enjoy a mug of to help them go to sleep.
  4. A new book each for bedtime reading.
  5. An activity or game.

What can you put in a boys hamper?

50 Things to Put in Gift Baskets for Men

  • Ball Cap.
  • Bean Bag Toss Game.
  • Beef Jerky.
  • Bottle Opener-Check out this sleek modern Ka-Bar Ka-Barley Bottle Opener .
  • Bungee Cords.
  • Bug Spray.
  • Car Wax.
  • Clever, Quirky Socks -These Batman Vs. Superman Mens Casual Crew Socks 2 Pair Pack make for some snazzy footwear.

What can toddlers do on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve Traditions to Start with Your Toddler

  • Christmas Eve Traditions to Start with Toddlers.
  • Bake some Christmas Eve Cookies.
  • Start a Christmas Eve Box Tradition.
  • Watch a Holiday Classic.
  • Go on a Christmas Light Adventure -sightseeing.
  • Got Snow Then Head out and Have a Snowball Fight.
  • Make a Christmas Craft.

What are some good Christmas Eve traditions?

Christmas Eve Traditions: 17 Things To Do for Magical Family Memories

  • Open a Gift.
  • Go Look at Christmas Lights.
  • Watch a Special Christmas Movie.
  • Read the Christmas Story in the Bible.
  • Have a Special Christmas Eve Dinner.
  • Play a Family Game.
  • Give a Christmas Eve Box.
  • A Story and Cider.

What do you put in a family hamper?

Some gift hamper basket ideas include:

  • Food theme – not just any food, but it might be a wine or beer hamper or a chocolate hamper or a homemade hamper or a BBQ themed hamper.
  • Gardening theme.
  • Crafting theme – I would love a hamper full of quilting odds and ends and fabric!
  • Spa hamper.
  • Movie-themed hamper.

What should I put in my 3 year old Christmas Eve box?

Toddler Christmas Eve Box Ideas

  1. Christmas Pajamas.
  2. Christmas Socks.
  3. Book.
  4. Movie.
  5. Snacks.
  6. Small Toys.
  7. Santa Hat.
  8. Christmas Ornament.