What does a BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer do?

What does a BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer do?

What does a BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer do?

The Process controls are for adjusting the level of phase corrected high frequencies in the program material. The BBE Sonic Maximizer is a welcome addition to any live sound P.A. system because the BBE circuit dramatically improves the clarity and intelligibility of vocals and musical instruments.

What is Sonic Maximizer do?

They have a sort of dynamic equalizer circuit in them that does most of what you hear. When a midrange signal goes over a certain threshold it applies a boost to the high frequencies. This deceptively simple sounding process can really do wonders for the clarity and dynamics of your music.

What is a sound Maximizer?

What Is An Audio Maximizer? An audio maximizer is like a limiter on steroids, specifically designed to bring a full mix to an optimum loudness level and control its peak digital level. Maximizers also impart some tonal coloration that can add a certain polish to a full mix.

What is BBE mode?

BBE High Definition Sound is an advanced professional and broadcasting sound enhancement technology that recovers the clarity of sound by compensating for the differences that occur in speakers and headphones. The BBE process is widely known as one of the most advanced in the recording world.

What is BBE?

BBE means “Babe.”

How do I connect my Maximizer?

The most simple method would be to go from the output of your mixer to the input of the Maximizer and from the output of the Maximizer to the input of your amplifier or EQ or powered speaker. You can also connect the Maximizer by using an “insert” either a channel insert or a main insert, if you have them.

What is BBE audio?

What is Aiwa BBE?

What is BBE Sonic Stomp?

The Sonic Stomp is a pedal version of the acclaimed BBE Sonic Maximizer rackmount processor, providing dramatically improved clarity and definition to sound thanks to its proprietary BBE audio technology.

What does BBE stand for in music?

bbemusic.com. Barely Breaking Even (BBE) is a British record label started by two DJs, Peter Adarkwah and Ben Jolly. The name BBE comes from The Universal Robot Band’s 1982 track “Barely Breaking Even”. It has two sublabels: Deep Funk, and Urban Theory.