What does AEA Investors stand for?

What does AEA Investors stand for?

What does AEA Investors stand for?

American European Associates
AEA Investors is an American middle market private equity firm. AEA was formally founded as American European Associates. AEA is headquartered in New York City with offices in Stamford, Connecticut, London, Munich, and Shanghai.

What companies does AEA Investors own?

Small Business Private Equity Investments

2020-12-31 services Meritus Gas Partners
2020-12-28 services 50 Floor, Inc.
2020-11-04 services Montway, Inc.
2020-06-29 services CLS Management Services, Inc.

Is AEA Investors public?

New York – August 4, 2016 – AEA Middle Market Private Equity portfolio company, At Home Group Inc. (NYSE: HOME) (“At Home” or the “Company”), the home décor superstore, today announced the completion of its initial public offering of 8,667,000 shares of its common stock at a public offering price of $15.00 per share.

What does AEA mean?


Acronym Definition
AEA Actors’ Equity Association
AEA Atomic Energy Act
AEA Aquatic Exercise Association
AEA Alpha Epsilon Alpha (fraternity chapter)

Who is investing in private equity?

Why Invest in Private Equity? Institutional investors and wealthy individuals are often attracted to private equity investments. This includes large university endowments, pension plans, and family offices. Their money becomes funding for early-stage, high-risk ventures and plays a major role in the economy.

Who owns AEA Investors LP?

AEA Holdings
AEA Investors LP/Parent organizations

What fraternity is AEA?

AEA stands for Alpha Epsilon Alpha (fraternity chapter)

Who owns Platinum Equity?

Tom Gores

Tom Gores
Born Tewfiq Georgious July 31, 1964 Nazareth, Israel
Nationality American
Alma mater Michigan State University
Occupation Chairman and CEO of Platinum Equity LLC Owner of Palace Sports and Entertainment

Who are the owners of AEA investment company?

Founded by the Rockefeller, Mellon, and Harriman family interests with S.G. Warburg & Co. in 1968, AEA Investors is a pioneer in the private equity industry with an unparalleled global network of investors, business leaders and sector-focused investment professionals. Today, AEA is a leading global private investment firm…

How much money does AEA have under management?

Today, AEA is a leading global private investment firm with over $15 billion assets under management as of March 2019, focused on private equity and debt investments in the middle market.

Who are the members of the AEA family?

1968 Founded in 1968 by members of the world’s leading industrial families, AEA is one of the oldest and most experienced private equity firms with a long legacy of success. 75 AEA has more than 75 Participants, who include some of the world’s pre-eminent industrial families, business executives and former government leaders.

What kind of business strategy does AEA have?

A strategy focused on creating a national federation of leading, independent, low-to-mid volume precision component manufacturers serving mission-critical applications. A leading provider of a highly engineered controls, meters and instrumentation serving the broader industrial water and life sciences markets.