What does Brody mean in Irish?

What does Brody mean in Irish?

What does Brody mean in Irish?

Save to list. Boy. Irish, Scottish. Originally a surname, from the Gaelic brothaigh, meaning “ditch”.

What does Brody stand for?

The name Brody is of Gaelic origin and means “ditch, mire.” It was originally a surname to signify that someone was from Moray, Scotland. Syllables: 2.

Is Brody a Irish name?

Brody and Brodie are both Scottish names with uncertain meaning; although several theories as to their origin do exist. Pictland had, in essence, become Scotland. As a masculine personal name, they prefer the spelling Brodie in Scotland (currently ranked #53 in popularity).

Does Brody mean king?

The name Brody means ‘broad eye or broad islands’, ‘king’. These definitions suggest that the Brodies took their name from the lands rather than the other way around as they generally describe a topographical feature of a landscape.

What nationality is the name Brody?

Brody is a given name and a surname of either Jewish or British origin, which may also be spelled Brodie. An unrelated name Bródy is found in Hungary and Ukraine.

What does the name Brody mean in the Bible?

Brody is baby unisex name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Gaelic. Brody name meanings is Muddy place. Other similar sounding names can be Braidy, Brady, Brodie.

What does Brody mean in text?

brody (plural brodies) (slang) Intentionally spinning in circles and sliding in an automobile. I spun a brody in some chat up at the old zinc mine.

Is Brodie a boy or girl?

In 2012 this name was the 53rd most popular boys’ name in Scotland. The given name can be a male or female name, originating from the surname….Given name.

Gender Male or Female
Word/name Pictish or Gaelic
Meaning Unknown meaning, various theories.
Region of origin Brodie, Moray, Scotland. {Map}

What does acting Brody mean?

Philadelphia slang term meaning to take by force or intimidation.

What does the name Brody mean biblically?

What nationality is the surname Brody?

Hungarian (Bródy), Slavic, and Jewish (Ashkenazic): habitational name for someone from any of the many towns and cities in central and eastern Europe named with Slavic brod ‘fort’.