What does Condition Code H mean?

What does Condition Code H mean?

What does Condition Code H mean?

Unserviceable condemned
Condition: Material requiring additional parts or components to complete the. end item prior to issue. H – Unserviceable condemned.

What is condition code D?

D – Serviceable – Test/Modification. Serviceable material which requires test, alteration, modification, conversion or disassembly. This does not. include items which must be inspected or tested.

What is condition code k?

K. SUSPENDED (RETURNS) Materiel returned from customers or users and awaiting condition classification. L.

Which condition code describes a material that is new serviceable issuable without reservation and typically has an expiration date greater than 6 months away?

Definition: The code that represents a SUPPLY-CONDITION. New, used, repaired, or reconditioned materiel which is serviceable and issuable to all customers without limitation or restriction. Includes materiel with more than 6 months shelf-life remaining.

What does condition code D1 mean?

Change in patient status
Change in patient status. Condition code D1. Only use when changing total charges. Do not use when adding a modifier; it makes a non-covered charge, covered.

What is a serviceable item?

Serviceable Item means an item is functional or operates satisfactorily “as is” without repairs or refurbishing. Obsolescence or age should not be factors indetermining whether an item is functional or operates satisfactorily. Serviceable items can be obsolete or very old.

What is Condition C at UPMC?

UPMC Codes Condition C: Called when a patient is in crisis and needs rapid evaluation and treatment or when a patient requires expedient transfer to a monitored bed or an ICU bed.

What is serviceable material?

Definition. Represents the goods to be repaired in repairs processing.

What does a non serviceable part mean?

The term non serviceable means that a partial or total disassembly of the transmission and other related internal parts is required for filter service. The first style is one that does not have the traditional pan.

What is a non serviceable item?

Non-Service Catalog Item(s means a discrete unit of non-recurring work that is not (1) an inherent, necessary, or customary part of the day-to-day Services in any Functional Service Area, (2) a Service Catalog Item, and (3) required to be performed by Supplier to meet the existing Service Levels (other than Service …