What does CT mean on suture?

What does CT mean on suture?

What does CT mean on suture?

CT (circle taper): Used to close the joint space or deep layers of tissue after general surgery. CT2 (smaller than CT): Often used on closing of uterus. SH (small half circle): Used to close bowel or tissue layers after breast surgery.

What does PS needle stand for?

corresponding to the smallest size. – For Ethicon (see chart), the precision point needles (good for facial repair) are. either P or PS: the P stands for “plastic”, the PS for “plastic Skin” and PC for. “precision cosmetic” (the finest and most expensive)

What is an RB 1 needle?

A repeated needle type (eg RB-1, RB-1) indicates a “double-armed” suture, that is, a suture with a needle attached to each end.

What are the types of suture needles?

Providers use 2 main types of needles for suturing, cutting needles and tapered needles.

What is a Vicryl suture?

VICRYL Suture is a synthetic absorbable suture coated with a lactide and glycolide copolymer plus calcium stearate. 1. It is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including ophthalmic procedures, but not cardiovascular or neurological tissues.

What are Vicryl sutures used for?

Vicryl sutures were used to suture small and large intestine, peritoneum, fascia, muscle, subcutaneous tissue, and skin and were used in thoracotomy closure.

What is a taper needle?

Taper-point (round) needles penetrate and pass through tissues by stretching without cutting. A sharp tip at the point flattens to an oval or rectangular shape. The sharpness is determined by the taper ratio (8-12:1) and the tip angle (20-35°). The needle is sharper if it has a higher taper ratio and a lower tip angle.

What is Maxon suture?

Maxon™ synthetic absorbable sutures are prepared from polyglyconate, a copolymer of glycolic acid and trimethylene carbonate. The advanced extrusion process of the molecule of polyglyconate gives the suture: Excellent in-vivo strength retention. Excellent knot tying security.

Is silk a monofilament?

A synthetic monofilament suture. Silk. A braided natural suture.

Is Monocryl soluble?

– Monocryl is a dissolving suture which can be left in-situ and will dissolve spontaneously over weeks to months.