What does NAVEX Global do?

What does NAVEX Global do?

What does NAVEX Global do?

NAVEX Global is the worldwide leader in integrated risk and compliance management software and services. Our solutions help organizations manage risk, address complex regulatory requirements and foster an ethical, productive workplace culture.

Where is Navex located?

Lake Oswego
NAVEX Global is headquartered in Lake Oswego, OR and has 8 office locations across 3 countries.

What is NAVEX Global?

NAVEX ESG is a complete platform that helps organizations remove the complexity and confusion of managing multiple sustainability efforts, which make your supply chain more resilient and respond to the demand of investors, consumers, and most talented employees. Get a Demo >

Who owns NAVEX Global?

NAVEX Global was acquired by BCEC X in September 2018. NAVEX Global is the leading ethics and compliance software‐as‐a‐ service provider, serving over 10,000 customers, including 98 of the Fortune 100.

How big is NAVEX Global?

Today NAVEX Global works with more than 13,000 customers around the globe. We are proud to say that more than 70 million employees have learned about critical compliance topics from our training courseware or felt empowered to use our hotlines to report an issue.

Is Navex Global a good company to work for?

“Navex Global is a great company. They have great insurance, policies, and they are fair. The only downside to this company is that the Communications Specialist job position is grueling. The CS position offers no job growth.”

How big is Navex global?

What does Navex mean?


Acronym Definition
NAVEX Norton anti Virus Extension
NAVEX Navigation Exercise
NAVEX Navigation Experiment

Is EthicsPoint secure?

A report from home, a neighbor’s computer, or any Internet portal will remain secure and anonymous. An Internet portal never identifies a visitor by screen name and the EthicsPoint system strips away Internet addresses so that anonymity is totally maintained.