What does Pip ask Mr Jaggers about his benefactor 36?

What does Pip ask Mr Jaggers about his benefactor 36?

What does Pip ask Mr Jaggers about his benefactor 36?

Pip asks if his benefactor is to be known to him today, and Jaggers says no. Pip asks if he is to receive anything. Jaggers asks Pip if he is in debt, and Pip admits this is so. Jaggers gives him five hundred pounds.

What did Mr Jaggers tell Pip?

Jaggers the Gatekeeper. When Pip finally gets a chance to speak with Jaggers, he does not take much time to explain why Pip is in London. He tells Pip where to sleep that night, gives him an allowance and tells him that he will be keeping track of his activities and spending.

What is Wemmicks advice Pip?

Wemmick asks if Pip means “with money down,” and Pip confirms that, yes, he would like to give some money to this friend (obviously Herbert Pocket). Wemmick’s response is that he may as well go to the bridge of his choice and pitch his money into the Thames, as it would have the same effect.

What chapter does Pip learn who his benefactor is?

Chapters 36–9: Pip’s benefactor is revealed.

Does Pip become rich?

However, once Magwitch arrives in London, appearing at twenty-three-year-old Pip’s apartment to reveal that he, in fact, is Pip’s benefactor, Pip relinquishes his fortune entirely.

Who is Pip’s secret benefactor?

The convict, whose name is Abel Magwitch, becomes Pip’s benefactor, arranging for him to be educated and bcome a gentleman.

Why does orlick hate Pip so much?

Expert Answers Orlick has a longstanding grudge against Pip. Pip is the reason for Orlick losing his job at Miss Havisham’s; Orlick thought that he had a chance with Biddy and that Pip cost him that relationship, and Orlick knows that Pip suspects him of severely beating Mrs. Joe.

Why does Pip not like Drummle?

Pip does not want Drummle to see Joe because he is ashamed of Joe’s simple manners. Drummle, described by Jaggers as the “blotchy, sprawly, sulky fellow” (ch 26), is Pip’s nemesis. Drummle offends him and irritates him. He is a perfect stereotype of the spoiled gentleman: brutish, boorish, and mean.

What message does Joe deliver Pip?

Wopsle’s first play. When Herbert leaves for work, Joe tells Pip he has only come to convey a message from Miss Havisham: that Estella is home and would like to see Pip.

What happens when Pip turns 21?

When he turns twenty-one, Pip receives the bulk of his trust fund from his benefactor. Prior to this, he had received a periodic allowance (usually at the hands of Mr. Wemmick) and expected to adjust his lifestyle to that amount.