What does Rodan and Fields Reverse do?

What does Rodan and Fields Reverse do?

What does Rodan and Fields Reverse do?

The Reverse Regimen is designed to address the appearance of uneven skin tone and gently clears away dead, dulling, discolored skin cells. It does not promise to permanently fade or lighten brown spots and other skin tone unevenness. If you begin to see dull skin developing, return to using the Reverse Regimen.

How long should you use Rodan and Fields Reverse?

Generally people achieve their lightening goal in four to six months, but you can continue to use Reverse for as long as necessary. Once you have a more even skin tone and are satisfied, you can transition to our REDEFINE Regimen and AMP MD System to help prevent and treat the signs of aging.

How long does it take for reverse regimen to work?

Within two weeks of using the REVERSE Regimen and AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller, more than 80% of participants in an independent clinical study saw faster results in overall skin appearance, brightness, texture and firmness.

Why did Rodan and Fields discontinue reverse lightening?

PSA: reverse lightening is being discontinued due to an ingredient that has new RC regulations around it. If this regimen is your jam, STOCK UP NOW before supplies are gone.

Is Rodan and Fields discontinuing reverse lightening?

Did Rodan and Fields change reverse?

Rodan + Fields continues to use the Multi-Med Therapy philosophy with the completely new and improved REVERSE Regimen. There is no longer a need to mix the brightening treatment, it’s been replaced with new products that work during the day and night.

Is there hydroquinone in Rodan and Fields Reverse?

What is Hydroquinone? Dr. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cre- ated the skin bleaching OTC (Over-the-Counter) Monograph in 1982 and currently allows over-the-counter sales of products with 1.5% to 2% hydroquinone, such as the Rodan + Fields REVERSE Skin Lightening Toner and Skin Lightening Treatment.

Why did Rodan and Fields discontinuing reverse lightening?