What does Smurfit Kappa group do?

What does Smurfit Kappa group do?

What does Smurfit Kappa group do?

We design, manufacture and supply paper-based packaging to package, promote and protect our customers’ products. We manufacture approximately 11.7 billion square metres of corrugated packaging and have key supply positions in solidboard, folding carton and tube markets..

Who founded Smurfit Kappa?

Jefferson Smurfit
Smurfit Kappa was founded in 1934, making cardboard boxes and packaging boxes for the Irish market. Acquired by Jefferson Smurfit in 1938 it quickly grew into a dynamic and forward-looking business, becoming one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers and listed on the Irish Stock Exchange in 1964.

What is Michael Smurfit worth?

a €368 million
Michael Smurfit, KBE (born 7 August 1936), is an English-born Irish businessman. In the “2010 Irish Independent Rich List” he was listed at 25th with a €368 million personal fortune….Michael Smurfit.

Michael Smurfit KBE
Relatives Tony Smurfit (son) Victoria Smurfit (niece)

What is it about Smurfit Kappa as a business that interests you?

Smurfit Kappa is a FTSE 100 company and is one of the leading providers of paper-based packaging solutions in the world. Mission: To design, manufacture and supply innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to promote and protect our customers’ products.

When was Smurfit founded?

December 2005
Smurfit Kappa Group/Founded

What does Michael Smurfit own?

Interests. Smurfit is a member of a number of sporting and social clubs in Ireland, the United Kingdom, United States, Monaco and Spain. He owns a €53 million super yacht and the Smurfit Art Collection, which contains works by Irish artists such as John Lavery, William Orpen, Louis le Brocquy and Jack B. Yeats.

Who owns the K Club?

Michael Fetherston
The K Club, the 550-acre Straffan estate with its luxury five-star 134-bed hotel and two championship golf courses, was bought recently by Dublin-based businessman, Michael Fetherston.

Is Smurfit Kappa a good company to work for?

Good company Large business with good opportunities to progress. Vast industry to work in. Pay can be average. Felt like a steady Eddie company sometimes.