What does SU carb stand for?

What does SU carb stand for?

What does SU carb stand for?

Skinners Union

How much HP does EFI add?

Most bolt-on throttle body EFI kits can handle engines from 450 to 650 horsepower depending on the flow rate of the injectors and fuel pump that are used. With dual EFI throttle bodies, up to 1,200 horsepower is possible depending on the application.

Can you convert a carbureted engine to fuel injection?

A fuel injection conversion replaces a carburetor with a fuel injection system. There are fuel injection conversion kits that make the entire process very easy. Older cars have carburetors, but electronic fuel injection (EFI) offers greater fuel efficiency and improved performance.

Can you convert EFI to Carb?

Intake and Carburetor: Of course if you are converting from EFI to carb you must have an intake manifold and a carburetor. Do NOT use the existing EFI pump. You can either use an electric low pressure pump designed for a carb (like the Holley red or blue pumps) or go with a mechanical fuel pump.

Can you convert TBI to Carb?

Basic Hardware. The most basic things you’ll need to convert from TBI to a carburetor is a carb and a matching manifold. You could try to track down a used stock manifold, but aftermarket aluminum manifolds like the Performer RPM make more power, are lighter and will only run you about $60.

Can you convert a carburetor to fuel injection on a motorcycle?

Modern motorcycles have computer controlled fuel injectors. You can also convert an older motorcycle into a fuel injection system with motorcycle fuel injection conversion kits. If you prefer, you can convert from carbureted to fuel injection (otherwise known as carb to efi).

Do carbureted engines have ECU?

Any fuel-injected car uses a computer ( ECU ) to control the injectors and usually the ignition. Before 1985 most vehicles used carburetors and DID NOT HAVE ANY ECUS!!..

How much does ECU cost?

The part alone can cost between $1,000 and $3,000, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Fortunately, an ECU can be repaired or reprogrammed in many cases—thus preventing the need to actually replace an ECU.

How do I reprogram my ECU?

Programming overviewConnect the vehicle interface cable to the OBD-II connector and turn the ignition switch to ON.Open the ProECU software and choose Tools then Detect Vehicle.Select Program Engine ECU.Choose Query ECU to identify the ECU version fitted to the car.