What episode of the 100 did Henry Ian Cusick?

What episode of the 100 did Henry Ian Cusick?

What episode of the 100 did Henry Ian Cusick?

The Other Side
According to Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon, and Ricky Whittle, Cusick is the “biggest prankster on set”. He directed “The Other Side” in Season Four.

What is Henry Ian Cusick doing now?

HENRY IAN CUSICK was born in Peru, raised in Trinidad and Scotland and he now lives in Hawaii. He trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama before joining the Citizens Theatre Glasgow. Cusick starred in numerous British TV shows before moving to the U.S. to join the cast of the ABC TV series LOST.

What is Henry Ian Cusick famous?

Henry Ian Cusick is a Peruvian-Scottish actor, writer, director, and producer. He is known for his role as Desmond Hume on the U.S. television series Lost, for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination. He also starred in the ABC drama Scandal as Stephen Finch, as Marcus Kane in The CW drama The 100, as Dr.

Why did Cain leave the 100?

Star Cusick didn’t give a reason for why he was leaving but he is going to be in the upcoming season of MacGyver. TVLine reported back in June he would be portraying a character called Russ, who has been described as a “master manipulator” and a salesman.

Is Henry Ian Cusick married?

Annie Woodm. 2006
Henry Ian Cusick/Spouse

Who does Henry Ian Cusick play on Macgyver?

This week’s episode of CBS’ MacGyver, which has been given the very apropos title “SOS + Hazmat + Ultrasound + Frequency + Malihini,” is set to feature a reunion for former Lost stars Henry Ian Cusick (who played Desmond) and Jorge Garcia (Hurley).

Is Henry Ian Cusick white?

Henry Ian Cusick was born in Peru to a Peruvian mother and Scottish father.

What happened to Kane’s wife in the 100?

Jason Rothenberg announced her death via twitter. He said the role was cut for budget reasons, so “Cece was floated off camera”. Jason also said the another reason why she was written out, because he didn’t think there was enough space for Callie in the series.

Who is Henry Ian married to?

Does Henry Ian Cusick play drums?

How far are we going to take it?” Also in that episode, I get to play a musical instrument, which is great. The drums, so that’s quite fun.