What equipment is needed for dry ice blasting?

What equipment is needed for dry ice blasting?

What equipment is needed for dry ice blasting?

Before dealing with a dry ice blasting process, your will principally, need a dry ice blaster with adapted gun blaster, hose and nozzle. You will also need a compressor to supply your dry ice blaster with pressurized air stream.

Who owns Cold Jet?

Gene Cooke, III
“IceTech brings in a versatile dry ice technology portfolio and an established, global customer base,” said Gene Cooke, III, President and CEO of Cold Jet.

What do you need for dry ice cleaning?

The dry ice blast-cleaning process requires a 1 inch or larger (150 psi min) supply line of cool, dry, compressed air. For this reason, most professional ice blasting contractors will choose to provide their own compressed air supply.

Is dry ice cleaning safe?

Dry ice blasting is a non-destructive method of safely cleaning surfaces and/or removing unwanted coatings such as paint or rust; and most commonly used for industrial and commercial applications with dry ice as the cleaning media.

How does the Aero 2 dry ice blaster work?

The Aero 2 line puts you in complete control. Fine tune the blasting parameters for your unique application, while using less air and less dry ice. The machines are easy to use with an intuitive HMI display and are ergonomically designed for your comfort. This opens in a new window.

How big is a cold jet dry ice blaster?

Remote monitoring and diagnostics with industry-first Cold Jet CONNECT®. 7” LCD screen with digital controls. Precisely cut dry ice particles from 3mm to 0.3mm and every size in between with patented Particle Control System™. Available on the PCS line of machines only.

Is the PLT 60 a good dry ice blaster?

The PLT 60 works great for our application and it’s saving us time and money. We are able to clean our dies 25% faster than with our previous dry ice blaster. We only have to fill the hopper once (5 gallon bucket) to clean five production machines.