What fish are in Nimisila lake?

What fish are in Nimisila lake?

What fish are in Nimisila lake?

If you’re a serious angler, Nimisila Reservoir is for you. It’s known for its channel catfish and largemouth bass. Other fish in the lake include northern pike, walleye, bluegill, black and white crappie, yellow perch, brown bullhead and redear sunfish.

Can you fish in the Nimisila Reservoir?

Nimisila Reservoir is in Summit County. The lake has 811 acres of fishing water with 16 miles of shoreline. Fishing Opportunities ~ Nimisila is noted for its good populations of Largemouth Bass *Bluegill *Crappies *Northern Pike *Channel Catfish that have been stocked by the Division of Wildlife.

How deep is Nimisila Reservoir?

around about 30 feet
The reservoir has 16 miles of shoreline and four boat launches, with the deepest spot at around about 30 feet.

Where is Nimisila Reservoir located?

southeastern Summit County
Nimisila Reservoir is located in southeastern Summit County and is approximately 2 miles south of State Route 619, 2 miles east of State Route 93, and 2.5 miles west of State Route 241. The entire lake is surrounded by county roads.

Can you kayak on nimisila reservoir?

Kayak and canoe only.

Is there a horsepower limit on Portage Lakes?

All lakes have a 400-HP limit, except for Nimisila Reservoir which allows only electric motors. The park offers eight boat launch ramps. Boat rentals and fuel are available at private marinas around the area.

Are Portage Lakes man made?

The lakes were used for this purpose until the canals were abandoned in 1913….

Portage Lakes
Coordinates 41°0′23″N 81°31′26″WCoordinates: 41°0′23″N 81°31′26″W
Lake type artificial and natural
Primary outflows Cuyahoga River and Tuscarawas River
Basin countries United States

Can you kayak on Portage Lakes?

Kayaking is great because little training is required for Portage Lakes, you can paddle your own boat and you can rent a kayak that is best suited for your skill. Like canoeing, kayaking is a great way to create lasting memories with family and friends. The Portage Lakes is Akron, Ohio’s best kept secret!

Is it safe to swim in Portage Lakes?

Swimming is permitted during daylight hours only. Swim at your own risk. Pets are NOT allowed on swimming beaches. Turkeyfoot Lake offers a 900-foot public swimming beach.

Is alcohol allowed on Portage Lakes?

“Portage Lakes has seven bars on it, however, the water portion is considered state park property and just like if you go camping somewhere you are not allowed to have alcohol open or unopen on this body of water,” said Deputy Chris Bickett who adds that does not stop boaters from indulging.

Are all the Portage Lakes connected?

The name comes from an old Indian portage path that connected the Cuyahoga River flowing north to Lake Erie and the Tuscarawas River, a tributary of the Muskingum River, which flows south to the Ohio River….

Portage Lakes
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Location Summit County, Ohio