What gender is my parakeet if it has a white cere?

What gender is my parakeet if it has a white cere?

What gender is my parakeet if it has a white cere?

The color of the cere One way how to tell the gender of a parakeet is to check its cere, the band of raised fleshy skin located above the nostrils. The male parakeet has a cere that is either a pink, blue, or purplish-blue color. The female parakeet has a cere that is either white, light tan, or light blue.

Can a male parakeet have a white cere?

Albino, Lutino and Mottled birds usually have off-white, light pink or blueish pink ceres, and males of some of the pied varieties have light pink, blueish pink or white ones. With there being so many variations of this little bird, there is always a chance that your parakeet will have an “ambiguous” cere color.

How can you tell if a parakeet is male or female?

In general, a male will have a solid lavender to solid blue cere – this is the skin around their nostrils. A female will have a white to brown cere, depending on hormones and age. Generally the cere color is not well defined until they are close to a year old.

Can a female budgie have a purple cere?

The color of the cere is the key to revealing the mystery of a budgie’s gender. A male budgie will almost always (except when it’s an albino) have a dark blue cere. If it’s a very young bird, the cere will be purple. The one on the right has a very light blue cere with white nostriles and is female.

Can 2 male budgies live together?

If you own a male and its cage is small, your best option is to select another male. Male budgies get along well together; they serenade one another, and usually interact harmoniously. A male and female budgie pair may breed and have chicks, so carefully consider keeping an opposite-sex pair.

Can you have two male parakeets together?

Are male or female budgies friendlier?

All budgies have their own unique personality, but as a general rule males tend to do more head bobbing, be more outgoing and social, sing more often, and be learn to talk more readily. Females, on the other hand, can be louder, tend to be bossy, and like to chew and gnaw more frequently.

Is it OK to have two male parakeets?

Males do tend to do very well in a cage with each other. As long as the two males are kept in a cage that provides adequate space for two parakeets, the two males should lead a happy life together.