What happened at the Battle of Jenkins Ferry?

What happened at the Battle of Jenkins Ferry?

What happened at the Battle of Jenkins Ferry?

The Engagement at Jenkins’ Ferry occurred April 29–30, 1864, when Confederates caught the Federal army retreating from Camden (Ouachita County) near the Saline River. After intense combat, the Union troops crossed the river and returned to Little Rock (Pulaski County).

Where did the Battle of Jenkins Ferry take place?

The Battle of Jenkins’ Ferry (April 30, 1864), also known as the Engagement at Jenkins’ Ferry, was fought at Jenkins’ Ferry, southwest of Little Rock (present-day Grant County, Arkansas), during the American Civil War.

When was the Battle of Jenkins Ferry?

April 30, 1864
Battle of Jenkins’ Ferry/Start dates

What Civil War battles were fought in Arkansas?

Battles in Arkansas

Battle Start End
Action at Massard Prairie July 27, 1864 July 27, 1864
Battle of Mount Elba March 30, 1864 March 30, 1864
Battle of Old River Lake June 5, 1864 June 6, 1864
Battle of Elkhorn Tavern March 6, 1862 March 8, 1862

What was the objective of the Red River Campaign?

The Union’s goals at the start of the campaign were to capture Shreveport, Louisiana, where the Confederate headquarters of the Trans-Mississippi Department was located; to eradicate the Confederate Army’s control west of the Mississippi especially in Texas; and to confiscate thousands of bales of cotton from the …

What is one reason the Battle of Prairie Grove was particularly important?

The Battle of Prairie Grove was the last time two armies of almost equal strength faced each other for control of northwest Arkansas. When the Confederate Army of the Trans-Mississippi withdrew from the bloody ground on December 7, 1862, the Union forces claimed a strategic victory.

Why did the Battle of Poison Springs happen?

The Engagement at Poison Spring was an April 18, 1864, battle in which Confederate troops ambushed and destroyed a Union foraging expedition. After black Union troops had surrendered, many were killed by the Confederate troops….Engagement at Poison Spring.

Location: Ouachita County
Result(s): Confederate Victory

What was the most important battle in Arkansas?

the Battle of Fort Hindman
The Battle of Arkansas Post, also known as the Battle of Fort Hindman, was a Civil War battle fought January 9–11, 1863, as Union troops under Major General John A….aka: Battle of Fort Hindman. aka: Battle of Post of Arkansas.

Location: Arkansas County
Estimated Casualties: 1,061 (US); 4,931 (CS)
Result: Union victory

How did the Red River Campaign effect Arkansas?

The Confederate victory was marginal. While Rebels repelled the Union invasion, they failed to destroy its columns in Arkansas and Louisiana and lost about 6,500 men. For additional information: The Red River Campaign of 1864 and the Loss by the Confederacy of the Civil War.

Who was the last man killed or listed as such of the Civil War?

John Jefferson Williams (1843 – May 13, 1865) was a Union soldier and private in Company B the 34th Regiment Indiana Infantry. He was killed at the Battle of Palmito Ranch, the last land battle of the Civil War, and is generally recognized as the last soldier killed in the American Civil War.