What happened at tokwe Mukosi?

What happened at tokwe Mukosi?

What happened at tokwe Mukosi?

The Tokwe Mukosi flooding is a national disaster that occurred in February 2014 after the torrential rainfall pounded in the Masvingo Province . The flooding which caused the partial collapse of the Tokwe-Mukosi Dam, rendered over 1 500 families homeless.

Who built tokwe Mukosi?

Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam also has the capacity for hydro-electric power generation and can generate six megawatts. Construction of Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam is being done by Italian company Salini-Impregillo.

Who is the biggest dam in Zimbabwe?

Kariba Dam
Kariba Dam, Zimbabwe Kariba Dam is the world’s biggest dam based on water storage capacity. Located at the former Kariwa (Kariba) Gorge, the dam creates Lake Kariba, which has a storage capacity of 185 billion cubic metres of water and a surface area of 5,580km2.

When was tokwe Mukosi built?

Tugwi Mukosi Dam/Constructions began

What caused tokwe Mukosi floods?

Heavy rains and mudslides in late January and early February 2014 as well as the partial collapse of the Tokwe-Mukosi Dam wall resulted in flooding. The President declared a state of disaster in Tokwe-Mukosi and the government has requested local, regional and international support.

Where is tokwe?


Tokwe Mukorsi Dam
Location of Tokwe Mukorsi Dam in Zimbabwe
Country Zimbabwe
Location Masvingo Province close to Ngundu
Coordinates 21°03′46.25″S 30°23′39.99″ECoordinates: 21°03′46.25″S 30°23′39.99″E

Which is the largest dam in the world?

Currently, the tallest dam in the world is Nurek Dam on the Vakhsh River in Tajikistan. It is 984 feet (300 meters) tall. Hoover Dam is 726.4 feet (221.3 meters) tall.

Which is the biggest dam in Africa?

On completion the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be the largest dam in Africa: 1,800m long, 155m high and with a total volume of 74,000 million m³. The dam has a 15000 cubic metre per second spillway and a rockfill saddle dam 5km long and 50 metres high.

When was Cyclone IDAI in Zimbabwe?

15 March 2019
The cyclone was declared state of disaster by the president of Zimbabwe His Excellency E. D Mnangagwa on 15 March 2019. The cyclone affected four provinces namely, Manicaland, Masvingo, Midlands and Mashonaland East. The storm affected more than 270 000 people leaving 341 dead and many others missing.

How big is the Tokwe Mukosi dam in Zimbabwe?

More than 200 million cubic metres of water having already accumulated. Commissioning of the dam, whose construction started almost 18 years ago, is expected soon. Tokwe-Mukosi Dam becomes Zimbabwe’s largest inland water body with a capacity of 1,8 billion cubic metres when full.

Is the Tugwi Mukosi dam going to spill?

Tugwi-Mukosi Dam is set to spill for the first time ever in the current rainy season, allowing the river to flow unimpeded downstream during a rainy season that is above normal.

How much did it cost to build Tugwi Mukosi?

Tugwi-Mukosi is located at the confluence of Tugwi and Mukosi Rivers. It was built by Government at a cost of nearly US$270 million over a period of almost 18 years.

Who is the marketing manager for Tugwi Mukosi?

The authority’s marketing and communications manager Mrs Marjorie Munyonga said water levels in Tugwi-Mukosi were continuing to rise.