What happened during the year 1346?

What happened during the year 1346?

What happened during the year 1346?

During the Hundred Years War, King Edward III’s English army annihilates a French force under King Philip VI at the Battle of Crecy in Normandy. The battle, which saw an early use of the deadly longbow by the English, is regarded as one of the most decisive in history.

What was the cause of the Battle of Crecy?

Why did the battle of Crécy happen? In the mid-14th century, because the King of England held lands in France as a vassal of the French king, Edward III owed homage to Philip VI. But the two kings were supposedly equal, which created a recipe for trouble.

What happened in the year 1348?

The Black Death was a bubonic plague pandemic, which reached England in June 1348. It was the first and most severe manifestation of the second pandemic, caused by Yersinia pestis bacteria. By autumn, the plague had reached London, and by summer 1349 it covered the entire country, before dying down by December.

Does plague still exist?

Unlike Europe’s disastrous bubonic plague epidemic, the plague is now curable in most cases. It can successfully be treated with antibiotics, and according to the CDC , treatment has lowered mortality rates to approximately 11 percent. The antibiotics work best if given within 24 hours of the first symptoms.

What event happened in 1337?

When did the Hundred Years’ War start? By convention, the Hundred Years’ War is said to have started on May 24, 1337, with the confiscation of the English-held duchy of Guyenne by French King Philip VI.

What was the year 1346 in the Julian calendar?

Year 1346 (MCCCXLVI) was a common year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.

Where did the plague of 1346 start and end?

Western Asia. Early sources state that the plague began its spread in the spring of 1346 at the River Don near the Black Sea, then spread throughout Russia, the Caucasus, and the Genovese provinces within the year.

Who was the ruler of the Balkans in 1346?

Jan 15 Emperor Louis IV of Bavaria gives his wife Margaretha, Holland and Zealand Apr 16 The Serbian Empire is proclaimed in Skopje at an Easter assembly and Stephen Uroš IV Dušan crowned Emperor over much of the Balkans

What was the date of the invasion of France in 1346?

July 11 – 12 – Edward III and the English army cross the English Channel and begin an invasion of France. July 12 – 18 – The English raid and burn neighbouring towns and villages in the Cotentin Peninsula. July 26 – Battle of Caen (1346): an English army captures and sacks the French city of Caen.