What happened to Arianna Hernandez on Days of Our Lives?

What happened to Arianna Hernandez on Days of Our Lives?

What happened to Arianna Hernandez on Days of Our Lives?

Arianna runs away from Will onto the road, where she is hit by a car. Days later she dies in hospital from complications of the accident.

Who killed Arianna Hernandez?

Arianna Hernandez played by Lindsay Hartley. She played Arianna (Ari) No. 2 Debut: 2009) She was murdered by EJ and Stefano DiMera by being run down by a speeding car to keep her from testifying against them in a drug deal.

Who is the father of Gabbys daughter on Days of Our Lives?

Arianna “Ari” Grace Horton is the daughter of Gabi Hernandez and Will Horton. She was born on May 20, 2013 (on-screen May 21) in an abandoned shed on Smith Island, delivered by Sonny, at 8:30 p.m. Arianna weighed 7 pounds and was 20 inches long.

Who is Will’s mother on Days of Our Lives?

Sami Brady
Will Horton/Mother

Is Rafe on Days of Our Lives married in real life?

He currently plays the role of Rafe Hernandez on the long-running NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives….

Galen Gering
Born Galen Laius Gering February 13, 1971 Los Angeles, California
Occupation Actor
Years active 1999–present
Spouse(s) Jenna Hudlett Gering ​ ​ ( m. 2000)​

How old is Arianna Hernandez?

Arianna Horton
Namesake(s) Arianna Hernandez Grace DiMera
Gender Female
Born May 21, 2013
Age 11 (SORAS’d in 2019)

Who did Gabi marry on Days of Our Lives?

Gabi and Nick began planning their happy future, but she realized that she was pregnant with Will’s child. Eventually, Gabi, Nick and Will decided that they would pretend that Nick is the father, and Gabi and Nick decided to get married.

How old is Gabi Hernandez vivo?

Appearance. Gabi is a 10-year-old girl of Cuban descent with brown eyes.

Is Rafe leaving Days of Our Lives in 2020?

In February 2020, the actor revealed that he was leaving the soap but by August had announced he would be coming back. Rafe was introduced as the FBI agent assigned to guard Sami Brady while she was in Witness Protection. As Sami began confiding more and more in EJ, Rafe decided to end their relationship.

Is everyone leaving Days of Our Lives?

Days Of Our Lives’ future currently hangs in the balance, with NBC ending production on Season 56 and no plans currently announced for a new season of the daytime soap. Per TV Line, production for the current 56th season came to an end on April 16.

Are Brady and Nicole married in real life?

Kyle Lowder played Brady Black and Arianne Zucker played Nicole Walker. They fell in love and got married in 2002. We continue to remain great friends and loving parents to our daughter,” they said in a joint statement, according to Soap Opera Digest.

Who is Nicole from Days of Our Lives dating in real life?

Days of Our Lives’ Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker Brady) and her real-life partner and former co-star, Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas) visited the Locher Room with.