What happened to Miriam Hopkins?

What happened to Miriam Hopkins?

What happened to Miriam Hopkins?

Death. Hopkins died in New York City from a heart attack nine days before her 70th birthday. She is buried in Oak City Cemetery in Bainbridge, Georgia.

How old was Miriam Hopkins died?

69 years (1902–1972)
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How tall was Miriam Hopkins?

1.57 m
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Where was Miriam Hopkins born?

Savannah, Georgia, United States
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How old is Miriam Hopkins?

Did Miriam Hopkins play the piano?

Even among the female leads, Hopkins is relegated to second fiddle (pun intended, not literally though, since her character plays the piano.)

Does Miriam play piano?

Did Miriam Hopkins and Bette Davis like each other?

This film was the second collaboration of legendary arch-enemies Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins, (Their previous collaboration had been The Old Maid (1939).) The fact that in 1939, Bette Davis had an affair with Miriam Hopkins’ then-husband, director Anatole Litvak, only added to their mutual hatred.

Did Miriam Hopkins play the piano in The Smiling Lieutenant?

Why didnt Bette Davis like Miriam Hopkins?

Bette said that back then Miriam was already trying to upstage her fellow actors, her scene-stealing clearly a compulsion. Miriam also suspected Bette of having had a fling with her third husband (i.e. director Anatole Litvak) which made her hate Bette even more.

Does Miriam Hopkins play the piano?

Did Claudette Colbert sing in The Smiling Lieutenant?

Claudette Colbert even sings a song to Miriam Hopkins about how to “Jazz Up Your Lingerie” to attract men. This is the only musical that Claudette Colbert ever made and while her song wasn’t terribly strong, she still gets by and sounds adequate.

How old was Miriam Hopkins when she died?

Miriam Hopkins, the viva cious blond, star of “Becky Sharp” and some 35 Other mo tion pictures, most of them in the 1930’s, died early yesterday morning at the Alrae Hotel, 37 East 64th Street. She would have been 70 years old on Oct. 18.

Where did Miriam Hopkins go to high school?

Born in Savannah, Georgia and brought up in nearby Bainbridge, Miriam Hopkins spent most of her formative years with her maternal grandmother. She received her secondary education in Barre, Vermont and then Syracuse University.

How old was Michael Hopkins when he died?

Michael Hopkins, the adopted son of actress Miriam Hopkins, died on Tuesday morning in a convalescent home in Riverside, California. He was 78. He was 78. In 1932, Miriam Hopkins became one of the first people in Hollywood to adopt a child – and was a single mother at the time.

How old was Ellen Hopkins when she was born?

They were not there because a secretary had given her a list of highbrows.” The petite blond actress was born Ellen Miriam Hopkins on Oct. 18, 1902, in Bainbridge, Ga., and retained traces of her affection for the South— end her drawl — throughout, a long career. After graduation from.