What happened to Sophie on Coronation Street?

What happened to Sophie on Coronation Street?

What happened to Sophie on Coronation Street?

How did Sophie leave Corrie? Sophie has headed off to Columbia to go travelling with Kate Connor after inheriting thousands of pounds from her Aunt Vi. She was tricked into going by lover Paula Martin, who told Sophie they would both leave for the adventure. They said an emotional goodbye before Sophie set off.

Who played Sophie in Coronation Street?

Brooke VincentCoronation Street: Out of Africa
Sophie Webster/Played by

Why did Sophie and Sian break up?

The two go on to get engaged, but realising that Sophie was attracted to Amber Kalirai (Nikki Patel) and that it was only Amber’s rejection that stopped Sophie cheating on her, Sian breaks up with Sophie and leaves Weatherfield.

When did Sophie and Sian get together?

2010-2011: First girlfriend. Sophie and Sian kiss In March 2010, Sophie realised that she was gay and was in love with her best friend Sian Powers.

Will Sophie return to Corrie?

Sophie Webster is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. Vincent left the show in 2019 when she went on maternity leave, with Sophie’s final scenes airing in October of that year. However, Vincent has said she currently has no immediate plans to return to the show.

Who is Brooke Levi Vincent dating?

Kean Bryan (2016–)
Brooke Vincent/Partner

How did Sophie’s girlfriend died in Coronation Street?

She managed to escape from Jenny but was caught in an explosion at the Builder’s Yard due to a fire in Victoria Court, before she could tell Sophie or Kevin about Jenny. An unconscious Maddie was rushed to Weatherfield General but died of her injuries on 1st June 2015, aged only eighteen.

What is Sophie Webster’s real name?

Sophie Webster/Played by
Brooke Levi Vincent (born 4 June 1992) is an English actress, known for her portrayal of Sophie Webster in the ITV soap-opera Coronation Street, which she played from 2004 to 2019.

Is Sophie Webster pregnant in real life?

Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent has announced she is expecting her second child. Brooke, who plays Sophie Webster, told OK! that she was pregnant again after welcoming her first child with partner Kean Bryan in October 2019.

Who killed Seb in Coronation Street?

Next week there’s drama in the court as the jury reach their verdict over the brutal death of Seb Franklin on Coronation Street. Kelly Neelan tells the court how Corey Brent attacked Seb and kicked him repeatedly despite her begging him to stop.