What happens in Agents of Shield Season 1 Episode 9?

What happens in Agents of Shield Season 1 Episode 9?

What happens in Agents of Shield Season 1 Episode 9?

Plot. In a town in Utah the morning after S.H.I.E.L.D.’s conflict with a paganist hate group, Hannah Hutchins, supervisor of the local particle accelerator, is tormented by the locals for supposedly causing an explosion which killed four people.

Who is the villain in Agents of Shield season 1?

Season one spent the entire time setting up a mysterious evil mastermind named The Clairvoyant. It then later introduced us to John Garrett, a likable, high-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D agent and longtime friend of Phil Coulson.

Who dies in season 7 episode 9 of agents of shield?

Eventually Coulson and Daisy piece things together: It’s Enoch. The team’s most loyal sidekick is now literally killing them. It’s not his fault, necessarily.

What happened to Fitz in Agents of Shield season 1?

He is nearly drowned after using the explosive, while Simmons swims to the surface with his unconscious body, where they are rescued by Nick Fury, who picked up their distress signal. Fitz survives, but sustains damage to his temporal lobe as a result of oxygen deprivation and is left comatose.

Will there be a season 8 of agents of shield?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 7 is bringing the Marvel and ABC series to an end, with the final two episodes set to air on Wednesday, August 12.

What is Sarge in Agents of Shield?

Sarge is the byproduct of those Monoliths exploding: he was brought to life and blasted across space and time, where he eventually wound up in Izel’s realm of non-corporeal spirits.

Who is the best villain in Agents of Shield?

Agents Of SHIELD: Every Main Villain, Ranked By Power

  • 8 Hydra.
  • 7 The Kree.
  • 6 Jiaying.
  • 5 Aida.
  • 4 The Hive.
  • 3 Graviton.
  • 2 Izel.
  • 1 The Chronicoms. The Chronicoms are already extremely powerful thanks to their near-immortal lifespans, computer-level intelligence, inability to tire or get injured, and their futuristic technology.

Why did Shield team break up?

TANCHAROEN: Yes, we felt it was time and [wanted] to leave the audience with the idea that they’re living their lives as a family, as a happy couple, as parents. WHEDON: The other real focus was how to create a different finale, because we feel like we’d done one at the end of season 5.

Is Fitz Dead Season 7?

So Fitz disappeared to an unknown location for his protection while Simmons stayed behind and had an implant put in her body that suppressed her memories and therefore concealed Fitz’s location and plan. In the finale, the couple reunited, though it took Simmons some time to regain her memories and recall who Fitz was.